Saturday, April 21, 2007


In my traveling, I've met many fans of the "Carol Duvall Show" who've expressed their disappointment in hearing that the show is a thing of the past. I too was disappointed to see the show removed from HGTV's programming line up beginning in February.

I was able to chat with Carol at this past CHA show in January. We both agreed that there were thousands of people just left in the lurch and hanging.... Well....hang no more! I have just found out that you can view complete episodes of the Carol Duvall Show - Online....anytime by visiting this link:

Programs can be searched by topic or your favorite guest. So join Carol, myself and all of your other favorite guests - Online - ANYTIME!! We're just a click away!

PS. Dont forget to set your tivo's for the upcoming DIY CHA show special. See myprevious blogs for more information and dates! (you can probably check the website too!)

See ya - Im off to Hong Kong Inn for some chinese food.... my favorite!

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