Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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Way back when, not to long ago in the near distant past of we had wonderful Crafting TV programs like The Carol Duvall Show, which I was blessed to be a part of!  I owe it to Carol and many other's who looked beyond my green-ness as an artist and on-camera person and gave me a big boost in this industry.

So that sets the stage for this funny - behind the scenes duct tape kind of story.  After taping our craft segments that day a group of  girls got together for dinner.  "M" was running a little behind in getting prepared for the next day's shoot.  She was making duct tape wallets.  I had never heard of such a thing, but said...HEY - I'LL HELP! Well..."M" and I together with "K" all went back to "M"'s room to make duct tape wallets and help her out. At that time we had SILVER and BLACK that was it -no patterns....black and silver - the - duct - tape - end..... but we digress....

Now when girls sip wine and have crafting parties - things can get a little giggly and goofy.  I quickly scrapped that idea of creating a wallet and thought hmmm....I bet...this would make some pretty funny...lingerie and so with a roll of tape in hand and some velvet fabric, I set of to make my first ever duct tape...lingerie.  "K" must have thought I was having way too much fun because not long after that she made her own version of lingerie, only her's looked like something that Madonna wore back in the 80's.  - Hint - it was pointed :).  So...laughing hysterically, and being totally no help to "M" what-so-ever for her next days' shoot we carried on through the night with our versions of duct tape accessories.  We even modeled the occassional design for one another.... (I'll let your minds wonder with that...)

I guess our little crafting party was quite a hit with the behind the scenes staff  of the show and it's been long talked about amongst us ever since.  Yes, those were good times! And it's crafting that brought us all together!

So that was then and this is now.  Duct Tape Crafts have become huge trend in the crafting world. We now have books, patterns, colors, even licensed designs to make just about anything imaginable.

So I've put together this round up of some of my favorite duct tape project ideas for you to craft.  This is a great kids craft project too so don't forget about your little ones having fun too!

Enjoy my video on making a pair of rock star earrings.  Tween and young teen age girls go nuts for this craft idea.  (P.S - these wound up in Julia's jewelry box the minute she saw them)  Then see the links below for some my favorite tape projects along with instructions from the web.


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