Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Forgot to tell ya....Michelle Beschen, host of diy's "B original", created quite the "buzz" when she stopped by the AMACO booth to check out the beads and bead making tools. I had a chance to visit with Michelle on camera and hopefully our visit will appear on the DIY Inside CHA show special. This is your chance to see what went on behind the scenes at the CHA show and to see all the great new products released. I can't wait to see what she found! Check your local listings for the times as they may change.


I've just come home from the "Stitches" show in Birminham, England. All I can say is - Wow! What an awesome experience. I did get to spend about 6 hours in Frankfurt, Germany on the way there, unfortunately though, didnt get to see Germany at all except from the air. I was sponsored by ALL ABOUT CRAFTS to demonstrate the techniques from my bead book. Beading is such a new and up and coming category there. The British are very much into papercrafts and handmade cards. Knowing this, I didnt quite know how well the jewelry and beading tools would be recieved. I found the retailers hungry to learn these new techniques and have several opportunites to return again later this year for workshops.

Unfortunately, there wasnt much time to sightsee, but I did get to go shopping one afternoon and drop a few "pounds" at the "Bull Ring" shopping center. This building was part of the shopping area - a contemporary design amongst old architecture. Next, there is Gill and I in front of one of the old churches just outside the honeycomb building. Can you believe these are the only two good photo's i have?

Ladies...the clothing there is beautiful....and to say the least somewhat expensive, but none the less beautiful. The architecture of the old buildings, the friendlness of the British people was simply inspiring. Gill - my hostess, and I had a great time. She is one of the funniest people Ive ever met and we sat at night after the show just laughing at each other and how we talk. Can't wait to go back!
Next week Im off to Cleveland to represent several companies and tape short segments for AC MOORE in-store video, a retail store on the east coast.
That's all about that - I'll be posting creative stuff next!!


I never thought I would be a "blogger" but I guess it's time to jump in on the Buzz! Just to catch you up a bit ..... I recently attended the CHA Winter Trade show in Aneheim, CA. This is THE trade show of the year where all the latest and greatest of craft products are debuted!

I work at the AMACO booth - the Fimo people. This year my latest Book Bead Techniques was launched and I demonstrated several techniques from it to people from all over the world. I also had the privelege of meeting attendees from Japan, England, Ireland and Australia just to name a few who attended my workshops.

One of the highlights of the show is our Designer's Challenge. This time it was opened up to anyone who wanted to participate and submit a bottle for the BOTTLES OF HOPE challenge. To find out more about this organization, click on the link. You'll soon find out why it is near and dear to my heart. We received 80 bottles from 39 different artists. These bottles ultimately will be donated to an upcoming CAMP TEEN RAINBOW. The teens that attend this camp have either had or currently undergoing treatment for insideous cancer. My daughter will be attending and together we will be teaching a "Bottles of Hope" workshop to the teens for them to donate their own bottles. There will be another of these challenges at the CHA Summer show in July. Please email me if you are interested in participating (the photo courtesty of AMACO shows the winners of the challenge. You can view their entries by clicking here.

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