Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Spring Show! Linda Peterson TV- Celebrate Spring

Just a quick note to let you all know that there is a new show of Linda Peterson TV - NOW!! Simply visit our newly designed website: to view on the side bar - click on the video window to open in a larger screen.

Also, remember to sign up for the feed on our new site too!

I'll be posting little snipits of info here for a little while longer as you adjust to going to the new site.

Thanks again!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Linda Peterson Designs Blogspot is moving to a new site

** You'll be redirected to our new blog ** Thanks!!

I've been meaning to do this for a long long time!!  Sometimes when you look at all you should do, have to do, need to get so overwhelmed that you just DO NOTHING at all....

But, finally I decided it's time to make the switch!  Thank you to all my readers for following me on this blog.  I'm not moving away, just moving to a simpler - easier to remember

please head on over to (no blogspot in the addy) and you'll find me there...

Also, please take a moment to sign up again for the feed.  I will transfer my subscriber base over to the new site, but just so you dont miss a thing, please subscribe....

Thanks again...and remember...

All my show info is located at

lots of fun creative stuff happenin'....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Do Something Creative Every day - Art Journal Inspiration by HelmarUSA

Do something creative every day.  Does that task seem daunting?  Are you saying right now, "Yeah right?!?!  Where am I going to find that time?"  Well, you're not alone.   I feel it too - STRESS!

There's only so many hours in a day to get done all the "have to's" and then when those are finished, there's no energy for the "want to's".  (Click repeat and start this scenerio over again tomorrow...right)?

When I visited with Tracy in the Helmar USA booth, her tag line was "Do something creative every day" and I think what impressed me was her journal.  It's  pages filled with wonderful juicy delicious that can take 15 minutes or less..... seriously!  Why aren't we...or let me ask this...why aren't YOU taking 15 minutes a day to doodle, jot down thoughts, feelings, scribbles ...grabbing some glue and a few markers and taking the time for YOU - to refresh, nourish and empty your head of stress???

Through this whole creative healing journey that I've been on in the last 6 months, I can not tell you how happy I am to take some time for "me".   Those little negative vibes just arent there any more...and for an odd strange reason...there is something to it when your eye "sees" you writing these feelings just automatically transfers that away from you....  It's not a miracle'll still have a busy'll still have stress...but what it is, is a respite, a chance to regroup and take on "whatever" with a renewed sense of's like putting juice in your creative gas tank....sometimes it's empty and it just needs to be re-filled....

I am working on a big project right now, that I know you're going to just love.  A project that focuses on creative healing thru mixed media art in a series of classes that Im developing online.....I filmed the first of these yesterday and so today it's time for them to go into the "edit bay" and get all polished up.

If you haven't had a chance to view the video below. Take a look at what a little glue and some blank pages can transform into.

Promise'll take at least 15 minutes a day..for your creative self!!!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, so please comment below and share your thoughts and creative ideas. I really do read all my email and comments!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Craft Porcelain is coming to Linda Peterson TV - February 21

I'm celebrating spring on my next show and it's all coming up flowers!!! - mostly roses because they're my favorite....or is it daisy's....hmmm...

We should be enjoying the first glimpses of spring right now as the daffodils start to peek thru the ground...but that's kinda difficult to see considering we have nearly a foot of snow on the ground!!  Mr. Groundhog...sorry were kinda wrong in your forecast for us!!!

Watch Linda Peterson Live on February 21st to learn how to create porcelain like roses from Craft Porcelain. Craft Porcelain is a cold porcelain air dry clay that replicates the look of beautiful porcelain. It is very delicate yet durable.
cold porcelain
This was a favorite feature with many of my Carol Duvall Show viewers and I can't wait to show you these techniques again!! You'll love how easy it is to create these beautiful and realistic flowers to add a delicate romatic touch to just about anything!

My next episode is February 21st on Cool2Craft Networks BlipTV - on demand - on your schedule!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Behind the scenes with Creative friends

I think I could write a whole novel on what it takes to be a designer, author and just all round creative person in the craft's industry.  As designers, entrepeneurs, forward thinkers or whatever you want to call it, we spend a boat load of time educating ourselves to stay on top of trends...make trends...see trends...whatever it takes....

I'm so blessed to be among a group of 5 really talented and creative - forward thinkers - in the crafts industry and we generally get together often to brainstorm, catch up, inspire one another and chit chat.....

Today was one of those days.  We always say it will be only an "hour long skype call"  but rarely is it ever that was no exception and wow...did we ever brain drain ourselves with ideas and pushing the envelope of our creative knowledge......I think as the conversation got longer....our hair got bigger...and we got a little girl crazy nuts...

take a look at behind the scenes of a cool2craft skypejam...everything you ever wanted to know about growing your hair BIG...

Hope at least that gave you a little know laugher is the best medicine!!!

Just a few snippits from my creative world

Wednesday already!  In the past two weeks, we've endured a blizzard an additional foot of snow and now it's going to be five below zero tonight for the temperature...that's not factoring in the windchill!  Definately counting down the days until spring....or let's just hop right to summer!

It's days like these...cold and snowy or wet and rainy that I feel really creative!  I've gone through my decompression mode after CHA...wrote a list...and Im steadily checking my to-do's off.....

Currently I'm working on an on-demand/self paced class in Mixed Media Collage.  I will offer it for a limited time for  FREE!  I can only say.. I KNOW you're going to love the techniques Im incorporating into this Mixed Media Collage Art Class.  I filmed lessons one and two all that's left is lesson three through seven!!!  I wanted to do this for a couple THANK YOU loyal followers for reading what it is I write....and to also give you an insight as to how this whole thing of taking an online class thru CrafTECH University works. 

Now just because this will be a FREE online art class doesnt mean this is a series of quick two minute videos.  Oh's a full length series of 7 classes, each one with a lesson that builds on the should be available sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Be sure to subscribe to my feed here so you don't miss the announcement of it's debut. 

Im also working on my next Linda Peterson TV show - Livin the creative life...this is all about Celebrating SPRING...because its subzero cold and I need to think warm thoughts!!! I'll have exciting guests and recipes...and maybe a few helpful hints in there too.  There is a change for this format though, my show will no longer be live.  My show will be uploaded in full length (1 hour) to our channel where you can watch it at your leisure...with your favorite cuppa joe or ice tea...snuggled up with a blankie.....or...take your computer with you to your creative space and get creative right along with the show.  It's a new format that we hope you'll internet streaming issues and much higher quality resolution!!

Okay.....I'm brain drained for today....Oh...and Im on a mission to blog once a day minimum for 30 days....who know's what will come outta my head.....but ya gotta check back to find out!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Family Fun

Seems like two days ago I was sharing pictures of the family in hot sunny florida, but that was nearly 6 months ago! did just as the weather man said it would...Missouri got a blizzard.  In all my life...that's 30 plus years of living here in southern Missouri, I have never ever been in a blizzard. 

I have to say it is beautiful - all 18" of it.  What a beautiful backdrop it was for our girls winter pics....

Couldn't wait to get out in the snow....this was moments before the Peterson Family Snowball Fight...we all look sooo innocent, but onryness is brewing in our eyes.....specially the guy in the center of the pic...

So after all was said and done...we all worked together and created our snowperson...not sure if it's a boy or a girl...but I did manage to substitute friendly plastic for the eyes and the nose since we were out of black buttons and carrots....

We're expecting more snow tomorrow.....I say bring it on.... if it's gonna snow...might as well snow alot!
Girls....hate to tell may just have to go to school thru the entire summer at this rate....

Thanks for letting me share!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Live from CHA Broadcasts from Cool2Craft - Hosted by Tiffany Windsor and Linda Peterson

I was so excited to be co-hosting this event with my great friend Tiffany Windsor of Cool2Craft and Inspired at Home TV. Tiffany invited an amazing array of guests to be part of the 2nd LIVE broadcast right from the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Trade show floor.

Part 1 - One Hour

In this episode, hosts Tiffany Windsor and Linda Peterson welcome special guests including: EcoHeidi Borchers, Julianna Hudgins, Sue Turchick/Crafters Home, Petaloo, Beacon Adhesives, SRM Stickers, Spellbinders, Heartfelt Creations, Elizabeth Allan/Penny Black, Lisa Fulmer/C&T Publishing, and Ken Oliver/Unibind. Original LIVE episode aired 1-31-11 from CHA Craft and Hobby Association Convention and Trade Show at Los Angeles Convention Center. Part 1 of 2. For more info on upcoming episodes to to

Part 2

Cool2Craft - CHA Winter 2011 - Part 2In this episode, host Tiffany Windsor welcomes special guests including: Suede, Mark Montano, Linda Peterson, EcoHeidi Borchers, Amy Barickman, Suzanne McNeill/Design Originals, Mike Assile/Beacon Adhesives, Marisa Pawelko/Westcott, and Tracy Weinzapfel/Helmar USA. Original LIVE episode aired 1-31-11 from CHA Craft and Hobby Association Convention and Trade Show at Los Angeles Convention Center. Part 2 of 2. For more info on upcoming episodes go to

Coming back from CHA!

It was my "intention" that I would blog every day and take loads of pictures when I was in California at the recent CHA trade show....but the reality the morning...I was scurrying to get out the door to the show....during the day..I hustled and bustled and at night...I was completely exhausted and said..."oh I'll do that in the morning.."...welll...

Morning's came and went ...and now Im back in Snowmegeddon enjoying the lovely 12" of snow we got during our first official blizzard in at least 30 years.  I can never remember blizzard warnings EVER living here in southwest Missouri....

Although, I didn't meet my quota of blogging and even  picture taking, for that matter ...I did manage to get a few quick pictures on the run. 

Just a few days before...I received a comment from the "Dish Girls" on my blog...and what do you know...I turned the corner and there they were!!  Couldn't pass up this photo op!!  Always great to meet new friends and share inspiration!

Tiffany Windsor of Cool2Craft and Kathy Cano-Murillo aka Crafty Chica and I are taking a moment to catch up before the show ends....

Ken Oliver from Unibind was "in d house" early during our Cool2Craft LIVE from CHA broadcast showing us more tips on how to use the Photobook Creator....


And Suede from Project Runway came on the Cool2Craft show to share his new line of fashion by Simplicity patterns! (Girls...these designs are awesome!) Even got my own "signed" pattern!


It's a good thing that a group of us hired our own personal photographer - Kim Wink - to take pictures of all of us during the show.  Kim said she took over 1500 pictures!!! WOW!  Can't wait to see them  and share them with you.....

For me personally it was a FAN TASTIC show.  I always look forward to my time with AMACO manufactuers of Friendly Plastic, Cloud Clay and ArtEmboss metals.  They are such a great company to work with and for.  Their products are those that I truely believe in and proud to be on their design team. 

I spent my "off" hours networking, meeting with manufactueres and "tooting" my horn - which if you know me...isn't something I really like to do.  But, I think for the first time in a LONG time, I felt good about who I am, what I am and what I can offer it was a good thing for me to do and Im proud that I was met with some fantastic opportunities which I'll share more about in the future as they come to life....

While I didnt take much time to walk the show...lots of my friends did.  So...I invite you to hop to their blogs to see their personal take on what was the latest and greatest of the show:

Julie McGuffee - - Life in the Craft Lane
The CraftCritique -

On Monday we did a LIVE two hour special broadcast from CHA - CLICK HERE to view part 1

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner Blog Hop Week #5 - Final Week...Let's Get Groovy

Coming home from CHA and all I can say is...I FEEL GROOVY!!!...Wow! What a wonderful...creative..inspiring...friendship building week it was...and thru it all...and even trudging thru SNOWMEGEDDON to get home....I'm home and just sitting back and thinking of how blessed I am to be in this be honored to be among a great group of women entrepreneurs and to be able to inspire and share with all of you...

I made this art canvas not too long after I made Hippie Chic.... I was in my groove....and creating really lifts my spirits and I just plain ole feel great when I'm in that mode. 

Without my Flip-Pal(TM) scanner...these scans simply would not be possible.  You would see me climbing high on a ladder (and I don't do heights that well) and dangling over my work..."trying" to get the lighting just right and sure enough...there's be a light spot in the center.  I simply can not say enough about how thrilled I am with the performance of the Flip-Pal. 

Thanks to everyone who's commented on my posts during the hop...I would sure love to have you subscribe to my feed and love to continue to share with you!

Be sure to take a moment to hop on over to all the other artists who participated in this hop!

;Amy Anderson - Mod Podge Rocks
  • Chef Stephanie Petersen:

  • Pat Sloan

  • Melissa Langer

  • Christy Tomlinson           

  • Kathy Peterson Inspired

  • LEGAL STUFF:  Linda Peterson was compensated by Flip-Pal to review their product....but just so you know...she'd have said the same thing even if she'd had to buy it.....She LOVES it!!!

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