Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pinata inks...versus Adirondak Alcohol ink

In my opinion....and I think Jen's too we find that there are some little minor differences when working with Pinata ink versus Adirondak Alcohol Ink. The most noticable difference is the color pallette. The Pinata inks are much more bright and vibrant and lend themselves to jewel tones while the adirondak inks are more muted, antique'y (is that a word?) and more grungy...both are nice...
Another minor difference is the flow.....Pinata's do tend to be a little more pigmented and saturated meaning they are ever so slightly thicker. None the less they are both great choices for alot of fun with friendly plastic.
Read on as Jen continues her fun!

Even more fun! This is a combination of Jana's spash technique, Liz's straw, but with Pinata inks, and 70% rubbing alcohol.

And this is with a paintbrush:

But what I like is finding my "favorite spot" on each piece, cutting it out and melting it into a Patera finding:

Or into and old K&Company finding:

Endless possibilities and no matter how hard you try - I really don't think you can duplicate your piece!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I had all these plans to visit the British Museum and do a whole bunch of things on Sunday, but you know what? I realize Im getting old and I just don' t have the energy I used to have. I was dead tired. I really wanted to go to the Museum of Natural History...but just didnt..no time today and just toooo whipped! But, since the British Museum is just two blocks away...I did take a stroll down there. I didnt stay long...not even an hour....just didnt have the energy and my favorite section of the museum was closed for renovation and wont re-open for two weeks!! AHHHHH!!!

As I was walking into the British Museum again, I was thinking just how priveleged I am to be visiting for the third time in my life....and so many people never get to visit at all. It's beyond breath taking ... The garden below in the courtyard of the museum is new and it was beautiful!


Personally Im not a real fan of history....unless im traveling or it relates to me in some way.... but I do love all of the biblical artifacts that the museum has in it's collection. I am in awe when I look at an artifact with my own eyes and know that it is hundreds if not thousands of years old and that it played such a crucial part in our history...and our lives as humans. I also learned that there is nothing new under the sun! Especially when it comes to art. Our buildings, our artwork on buildings, our coffins...everything today is just so plain and blah.... and we tend to think that people who lived way back when were primitive...but not so....look at this egyptian art!

Photobucket This is a mural painted during the reign of egyptian Pharoah Ramsess - there were several Pharoah's named Ramses, one of which was humiliated when the Isrealites left egypt.

I wish I could have gotten a more close up picture of this necklace. It was fascinating in that the beads were intricately carved. On each end were connectors made of enameled pottery. There are loads of necklaces, beads and jewelry featured in the egyptian displays in the museum. This just happened to be one of the new one's I had not seen before.


And then we have shoes....wonder what they would have called them? Kids now a days call them flip flops.. I seriously doubt that any shoe, no matter how expensive, would last a thousand years like this pair have.....amazing...

Sorry there's not more photos from there on this trip...but I do have more Museum photos on my September 07 and April 08 archives.

While Im here though, I will continue to look on the funny side of life at some of the things that just get a little giggle out of me...

I did notice on the way to the hotel that there are new taxi cabs ...so guess I'll stand on the street corner with my camera again. There are also loads of different flavor potato chips or crisps if your from here...who knew???

And to start it off here is this sign....now in essence it's not THAT funny...but when I first looked at it, I couldn't help but visualize a mom running late trying to get her child to school on time and the child just fighting every effort of hers not to be late ...so it gave me a little giggle....and hopefully there will be more as the week goes on....but for now....its time to for you to go to sleep and for me to get dressed for work!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane................

When I was real little, my mom taught me this song.....and I would sing "Im leavin on a jet plane, dont know when I'll be back again......oh babe I hate to go..."

My Aunt Molly thought it was so cute, that she would pay me a quarter to sing it for her....

Well...today it's true...Im leavin on a jet plane - off to London to do the photography for my next book - Beading in No Time...

So this week I'll do my best to find some interesting stuff to blog so you can take a virtual tour along with me.

The last time I was there, I blogged all the taxi cabs...hmmm...wonder what I'll find this time??

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Copper Etched Jewelry is the feature for September's POM club

From Mixed Media Jewelry Project of the Month Club

After a little bit of technical difficulties...........here it is.....the September Mixed Media Jewelry PROJECT OF THE MONTH CLUB PROJECT!

You'll learn tips on how easy it is to etch copper to create one of a kind designs.

Pom club members can access the blog by clicking here:

As a special this month I am offering a special $10 off the purchase of the membership. You'll receive all the projects from January to date!

Also you may be interested in METAL JEWELRY 101 which features more tips and techniques to create metal jewelry....just look on the side bar over there------------------------------->

Friday, September 4, 2009

September Polymer Clay POM club - Ready for download


Love this time of year....love the colors....love the cool crisp morning air...love setting pumpkins out around the house...love love love it!

This months project along with some extra hints are available and ready for download to the POM club members. http://www.polymerclaypomc@blogspot.com

If you are not a member - why not join? YOu'll get access to the blog and all the past project back to January 09! Plus as a special for fall...I'll give you a $10 discount! email me if you are interested.

If you like this project - you can get a whole book full of cute little characters by clicking on the PolyPens link on the side bar!

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