Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm a month behind! October in the rear view mirror....

So it's the last day of the month and I'm left sitting here thinking once again - where did the time go? All I know is that i was constantly busy and didn't blog like I should have! At the beginning of the month, Mariah and I displayed our Pupcake Cupcake gourmet puppy treats at the local Ozark Craft show. We were also honored to be featured in the local Christian County Headliner Christian County headliner So the month was off to a good start! Along with online we now have two locations to get our all natural gourmet pet treats - Northwoods Candy Emporium in the Branson Landing and Wild Root Grocery in Springfield - home of Missouri Made produce. Also signed a book contract for the next in the series called Mixed Media! I am so pumped about this book! it's so me...funky, junky....found objects - one that I can really get my hands into! Easy yet, fun, artful projects that ANYONE can do...and I mean anyone!!! Fun fun fun!!!...all I can say bout that...the rest you'll have to wait! :) Dana headed off to Maine for Moose and Bear hunting - Proud to say that it was a very successful hunt and our freezers are full of wild meat...can you say Mooseburger? or how about MooseTaco's....Moose-sketti? YUM!!! The whole family is loving this! Meanwhile, when Dana was gone hunting, Mariah and I decided we needed to adopt, so we answered an ad on craigslist for a "blue long hair chihuahua". Well, not sure he's there's any ounce of chihuahua in him, but we love little Charlie Bear none the less!! and he loves his Pupcake Cupcake treats too!! He is one spoiled rotten dog...and he even has outfits!! Go Figure! I know...we're hopeless! Last week the fall leaves peaked! It's the most beautiful fall we've had in....well...YEARS!!! I've not seen the trees with such bright orange, yellows and reds! We couldn't resist the opportunity to for a fall photo shoot! I could have stayed outside ALL DAY LONG...but it rained! Oh well.... Two days ago we celebrated 8 years of marriage and Dana turned the big 4 - OH! After all the project designing, the craft shows, the photo shoots and an unexpected trip to Iowa for a death in the family, Dana's dear Grandpa died at the age of 87, needless to say it's been an eventful month. Today - Livin' the Creative Life - the Fashion (accessory) show aired to top it all off and bring it back around on a positive note. Don't worry, if you missed the show - you can still take a virtual road trip and watch. See you next month...uh...tomorrow!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to make a cuff bracelet with Friendly Plastic

The next in the series of Friendly Plastic How to Videos shows you how to create a cuff bracelet using a simple dollar jewelry store metal bracelet and bits and pieces of Friendly Plastic.

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