Wednesday, December 31, 2008


That's right...a FREE TRIAL POM PROJECT! All you have to do is ask...or this case email and I will send you two high res jpegs for you to download. This will give you an idea of what the POM club is all about.
If you've been a member of the POM club in the past, you will notice a slightly different format. The photo's are bigger and most projects will be written in a two page or more format. Each project will be written so that when printed....and at the end of the year - you can bind them together and have a book!
The Member's Only POM blog is set up and I know we'll be sharing lots of ideas and inspiration on it.
Okay....that's all...after trying for about 3 hours to get the links up on my website...I've quit for a while.
Dont forget to email me! I'm going to bed now...when I wake up, it will be a new day AND a NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm so happy to announce the return of the Polymer Clay Project of the Month Club or better known as the POM Club! I just finished photographing the first project in the 2009 series!

There are some changes - good changes from the previous POM club's:

  • Better quality photo's

  • Better image editing - print the projects out and at the end of the year you'll have a book!

  • Access to the POM Club blog for members only

  • Access to downloadable videos four times a year that you can watch over and over again.

All the projects are brand new - never before published at the time they are released to members. Full color step by step photo's. Easy enough for beginners, but techniques to please the seasoned polyclayer! Projects will feature whimiscal fun designs including figurine characters, photo frames, ink pin holders and other gift making ideas.

Here's what you can look forward to:

  • January - Snowmen and penguins
  • February - Love (featuring lovable bears!)
  • March - Going green - (you're going to love this whimsical project)
    April showers - learn how to create realistic fake water adding dimension to your designs
    May - flowers - we'll learn simple millifiore techniques and how these can add WOW to your characters
  • June - Members choice - I'll take ideas from YOU to create what YOU want to see!
  • July - Let's barbeque! Party theme
  • August - Precious pets - this is dedicated to my darling daschund pen on Carol Duvall
  • September - Back to school
  • October - Harvest scarecrows and pumpkin
  • November - Giving thanks....what are you thankful for?
  • December- Gingerbread men and friends

This is the tentative editorial calendar for the 2009 season. It is subject to change based on members choice or requests.

Projects will be released on or about the 5th of the month. Projects are in PDF format and will require an adobe reader. This format is compatable with most computers.

Even if you are new to polymer clay, you can do these projects! I'll teach you how to start simple and get better quick! I know you'll be amazed. Over the past 17 years, I've literally taught thousands to sculpt and create - and yes, these were the same people who told me "I can't do that!".

$40 gets you all this for the entire year, plus all your questions answered...just drop me an email! Think of the POMS as a monthly class, full of lots of information, techniques and ideas. We'll have fun and create lots of exciting things!

Im looking forward to you joining! The first project will be released this Friday!!

Just click on the ADD to Cart button to join! or email me for additional information

Be sure to check back....Im working on the Mixed Media Jewelry club project now!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Penguins and Gingerbread Characters

I've been trying now for a week to get more characters up on eBay and I can't say that I've been all that successful....well...I havent been successful at all! I did manage to create this little penguin character last night.

Much of my work is inspired by my kids. This one happens to be inspired by my son Alex. (Alex is probably going to think his mom lost her marbles when he reads this...but....) When he was a little guy, he was always pushing or pulling something. I remember when he first learned to crawl, he would push the box of wipes around the living room making little motor car noises. To him, everything was a car or motorcycle. He had quite an imagination!

When he got a little older, his Great Grandpa bought him a red tractor to ride. It looked like a little miniature riding lawn mower. His feet would barely touch the pedals, but that never deterred him from getting some rope and tieing up cars and wagons or whatever he could to pull behind him. He was such an adorable little he's a handsome young man who's about to turn 20! Talk about making me feel old!

I love winter, I love sledding and I love family time. While I may not be able to stop Alex from growing up, I can keep those memories alive in my characters.

Where do you get your inspiration?
If you are interested in this little character for your collection, email me and I'll send you an invoice for $17.95 which includes shipping. The penguin is approximately 2" tall and the gingerbread measures about an inch. (I only have one available)
Im working on the projects for the POM Club this week. I'll be posting more information on that during a later post!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend with the family! Lots of memories to scrapbook

Im anxiously awaiting the arrival of my baby cousin, Julie. my mind Julie or JUJU bee is still a little girl, but in reality she's 30 years old with a husband and kids of her own. And they'll be here for a weekend visit in a few hours.

She was my baby cousin, Im 12 years older and yes if you do the math, you'll know how old I am. It's been two years since I've seen Julie, but before was almost 18 years. We hadn't spoken in EIGHTEEN YEARS!?!!?!?!? It wasn't because of some family feud...we just actually got caught up in life. Our own sad is that? She and I were really close growing up. She was the light of my life - beautiful almond shaped eyes and a smile that melts your heart. I saw her nearly every weekend until she got a little older and moved to California.

These are the reasons I scrapbook! There is so much that we just let go by on a day to day basis and before you know it......we look up and 10 years have gone by and we've forgotten all the cute things our kids or grandkids say...or even what things were like when we were kids. I've vowed not to let my kids grow up and not know who they are, who their grandparents are or even their extended family.

With the way things are in the world, we need family more than ever, don't you agree? I hope you will take some time to call someone in your family who you havent talked to in a while. Share some memories - share some laughers....maybe even share some tears....
If you'd like this quickie page I created thru using papers from scrappersguide, just email me.
Im off to visit and make more memories!
Next week, I'll share more details about the POM club! So email me if you are interested in joining!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm very pleased to be bringing back the PROJECT OF THE MONTH clubs! After a two year break, I really miss it and from all the emails I've received you've missed it too!!
There will be two clubs to choose from. I will have a Clay Character club featuring all your favorite monthly themed characters, some projects will feature functionality and great for gift giving! In January I'll be featuring Snowmen, February's theme will be love and March will be "going green!"just to name a few! Full step by step photos and access to a private blog which will be the monthly newsletter and tips for completing the projects. All projects will arrive to you via PDF format allowing you to download it easily! Also special video downloads at 4 times a year.
The second club I will have is Mixed Media Jewelry: This category will feature jewelry projects from all different medias not just clay and not neccessarily clay. You'll explore metals, Friendly plastic, fibers and just all kinds of things from organic to whimsey. Yep...special how to video's here too!
Each club will be available for $40.00 per year - that's only $4 per month. Save $5 per club membership when you subscribe to both for $70.00.
All the projects will be fresh and new - never released projects that you can only get on the POM club.
There's excitement ahead!!!! I look forward to you joining!'s my latest Snowman character....
I had hoped to get more characters done this week, but Ive been buried designing metal jewelry for project sheets and CHA (which is coming in a month!)
Instead of listing this little snowman and teddy bear on ebay......I'd like to give you all the first chance. $19.95 which includes shipping. First email gets the goodies!! This is a Mariah's Collection original and I will sign it. Oh..and by the way...he stands about 2" high. Lots of detail.
Email me and I'll send an invoice thru paypal.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hot Metal Jewelry on a COLD WINTRY DAY!

Warm Winter Wishes!!!! BRRRRRRrrrrrrr it's cold outside! Here's a little snippit of what we woke up to here in Missouri this morning! I think the ice crystals are beautiful - however I wish they were on some jewelry or scrapbook pages instead of my back porch!

Well......all I can say it that its a good excuse to get all warm and cozy and creative in the studio. Metal Jewelry is HOT HOT HOT!!! I seem to be on a whirlwind making it. Just like me - I go in crazes...there's just so much I want to explore.!

I'm very happy with this look. It's very unique and very designer chic! I wore it last night on Date night and some lady at the restaurant took it all over restaurant showing it! That made my night! off to create more, but check back tomorrow - I'll be announcing the comeback of something special!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Did you take the Creative Challenge???

A few days ago I posted a challenge..... a challenge to go outside your creative box to see beyond the materials you are using and use them for something else. I also challenged everyone who enjoys sculpting characters to get a picture and break the character down into basic shapes and just TRY to create your interpretation of it.

Amazingly many of you took me up on the offer!!

Missy K. took me up on the challenge and sent me this picture and email:

Thank you!! He's all because of you! After you told me the best thing to do was jump right in and try making stuff I grabbed my sculpey 3 clay and while my DH was playing Spyro decided to try to make his head from a pic on the case. I didn't expect it to come out so cute...figured after that he needed a body so then it was on...LOL!! The shading is from airbrushing & antiquing him. I made a sword,shield and I am going to make a helmut and base,then add a plaque/banner thing that says something like " time for my after dinner nap" since he looks sleepy...LOL!! In your opinion do you think he might sell if I wanted to try to list him on e-bay?

Look at the detail she added to this character! Doesn't he come to life? I love his sleepy him lots of personality. And....she sculpted this from a picture from one of her husbands video games! She went beyond her comfort zone and just tried! I am a true believer that once you get the concept of my Six Simple Shape technique your characters will also come to life and you will be able to create anything. It makes the difference from a character just sitting there lifeless to one that envokes emotions and feelings! I think Missy did an amazing job! YOU GO GIRL!

So...TAG YOUR IT!!! Show me what YOU can do!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Arranging Silk Flowers Book! It's Arrived

It's just past noon and I've been sitting here typing instructions now for about four hours. My brain is mush! So......I'm taking a break to blog! Most of my books have been polymer clay related, but I'm branching out.

How long has it been since someone special has given you a bouquet of flowers? That long huh??? (BUM!) Well...if it's been THAT long...quit waiting...give yourself some deserve it!

Earlier this year I went to England to work on my latest book Arranging Silk Flowers. I'm glad to announce that it's arrived. And it is UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!! No...Im not bragging about my work....Im actually bragging about my photographers and stylists work. The images in this book and the way the book was put together is just gorgeous. This is one of those books you could display on your coffee table in your formal living room.

The concept behind the book is to create the look of fresh flowers, quickly, easily and economically. The designs in the book range from traditional to contemporary decor. Have you priced flower arrangements? Some of them are hundred's of dollars! Seriously....I had no idea until I started researching the book! But you can create these looks for alot lot less...and you'll have them to enjoy forever!

You know me...Im always trying to find a way to create the look for next to nothing. I believe the designs in this book inspire you and show you that you don't have to spend a million dollars to look a million dollars.

Thanks for letting me share. If you are interested in your signed copy, email me. They are $19.95 plus $5.00 priority shipping.

A special thanks to Cindy Richards, Liz Dean of Cico books - you did an amazing job! Geoff Dann and Emma Mitchell for stunning photography! Rose Hammick for beautiful styling. Thanks to my amazing editor Marie Clayton and I can't fail to mention a HUGE thanks to Lou and Christy at Martins Floral in Springfield, Missouri for helping me in my selection of flowers!

My name might be on the cover, but this book is really a great team effort! Thanks everyone!

Now....back to the instructions!

(photo's (c) 2008 Cico Books,)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Simulate the look of dichroic easily with Friendly Plastic

Aren't these pendants fun??? Here's the lastest that I've been working on. Simulating the look of dichroic glass without the fuss. These pendants combine Friendly Plastic to simulate the glass and ArtEmboss Pewter to simulate the look of silver. Instructions will soon be available on the AMACO website and I'll be happy to provide the link when that happens. Just wanted to give all of you a preview of what's to come!

For less than $20 you can create a variety of these pendants and bracelets.

There is a jewelry studio in Eureka Springs, Arkansas called McGee's I believe. He creates some of the most amazing original bezels and jewelry I have ever seen. I first saw his work when I was a teen ager. Several times during the year, my Mom and friends would go there for the day. Our first stop was Katie's tea room and then we went shopping. Eureka Springs is full of art and eclectic shops and among my favorite was McGee's Jewelry. I loved his combination of silver and gold. Full of filagree and no two were ever alike. Sadly, I never purchased any of his work and Im not even sure if the store is still there on Spring Street, but none the less his work inspired me and to this day I love swirls and swoops and coils and all kinds of filagree.

This bracelet incorporates some of that inspiration and friendly plastic along with a little bit of soldering. (let me tell ya....soldering can get addictive!)

And there's even a little bit of bling....a girl's just gotta have her bling! I better get to writing these instructions so you can play along.......

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's the thought that counts! Handmade gifts are the best!!!

Just today I received this email from Theresa M. one of my readers about the challenge I offered a couple of days ago.

I read your blog about challenging us to use what we have and become creative as well as trying to sculpt with the basic shapes to copy a picture. I haven't tried that yet but with times being so tough, I haven't had a lot of money for gifts or just to be crafty. I do a lot of the yahoo groups one of which is an Artist Trading Card group. One of the swaps was about our interpretation (did I spell that right?) of Father Christmas. I used some left over felt and jewels to make a sord of fuzzy Santa Clause.

I think many share the same view as Theresa, TIMES ARE TOUGH!!! But Theresa took the challenge and made something from materials she already had on hand. In times like these, crafts seem to take on more meaning and people look to them as a means to have something to do and save money. It's generally when the moneys a little tight, that I get the most creative and force myself to use what I already have. I don't dare step foot in a craft store -thats just torture!

Every year my dear Mother In Law make all of us girls a little something. Sometimes it's kitchen magnets, sometimes its pillows, this year it was a snowman decorated kitchen towel. Im sure that she didn't spend much money to make it....but what's most important is that she made it herself. It's the thought that counts and I LOVE IT!

So who cares that you dont spend gagillions on a gift..... I would much rather get something handmade by someone special - wouldn't you? That's PRICELESS!

Now....quit reading this and go dig out your stuff and make something!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's a better day! More snowfriends on ebay!

Yes, it's true - the dog ate my cord. Fortunately the dog survived and unfortunately $80 later I have a new power cord and Im up and running full speed ahead.

Dana's coming home today from his dear hunt in Iowa. A successful year for my hunting husband. We have a total of 5 deer and this weekend will mark our 4th annual burger makin days where the whole family gets involved in Family Food Crafts. We'll put up around a hundred pounds of burger, some of which will become breakfast sausage, italian sausage, brats and more.

I FINALLY have finished 5 new items that I have up on ebay along with many items that I've listed for 99 cents or less. No it's not a typo...and there's no reserve...I just desperately need to clean out the studio of things Ive either never used or havent used in a long while. The auctions go up at 6pm central depending on your location it may take a while to view.
As always...thanks for viewing the auctions...happy bidding.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Pink Elephants..... about yesterday's post

Im sure you are going "Say WHAT"? It's a case of I know what I mean....but no one else does. Sometimes..I don't explain myself very clearly.

I talked with my good friend and very talented designer friend Jen today on the phone....we had a good laugh about yesterdays blog. See...the point of my blog post yesterday was look beyond the materials you use for creating and use those for something other than what it's really purposed for. (you know like the ball necklace chain to create the letter "E" or the hands of a clock to spell out another letter..." I got probably got it, but Jen just thought she was supposed to stare at the picture until little pink elephants popped out. Sorry I dissappointed her,(or case you were expecting to see something pop out) but we did have a good laugh and we did share some great ideas on what we are currently working on.

Its amazing, we live 14 hours apart and over the last few months, became somewhat disconnected with each other when life and family and summer got in the way...seems like whenever a few weeks goes by and we call or email to catch up - our minds are working on the same concepts. Scarey Scarey thought - for her that is...for me it's brilliant because she is a brilliant out of the box designer. We're both coming up with new ways to use Friendly plastic to create the effect dichroic and lampwork glass beads. When the idea is perfected...I'll share it on a tutorial.

Well...anyways...enough of my rambling sum it up in a nutshell....think basic shapes. Okay..done with that story....Im tired....

It's been an interesting day.....the dog ate my power cord to the computer, so it died........(seriously)
but I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of ebay items and who knows what else?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Do you see what I SEE? Training your eye to view shapes

In going thru my stack of old craft and scrapbooking magazines, I ran across this picture. It's from the October 2004 issue of Memory Makers magazine. I thought it would make an excellent topic for todays blog. Do you see what I see?

Looking at the picture you might just say...."BIG DEAL - It's an alphabet" and you'd be right... BUT........look a little closer and you will realize that the alphabets are not ordinary....they are made with objects and materials that are suited for something other than creating a letter. So...when you are looking at your stash of craft you look beyond their stated purpose for something unique? If so, your work will stand out among the rest.

You can translate this concept to just about any form of art...but I'd like to focus right now on how this concept can help you when sculpting characters. I designed my "Six Simple Shape" technique with this concept in mind. Using the six simple shapes in various sizes and putting them together-blending the seam away you will create complex shapes. It's a matter of how you train your eye to see the basic shapes or look beyond the box.

Many of my readers are very adept at creating characters from books or project sheets with instruction as to the size and shape to make each piece of the character. But could you create a character simply by looking at a picture? How would you begin? Well...the answer is....SEE WHAT I SEE. Dont look at the complete character - break it up into parts. (arm, hand, leg, foot, body, face, hair-each individual piece of hair etc...) Now examine and identify each basic shape of the part. As for proportion, my philosphy is...if it looks to big IT IS....and if it looks to small, IT IS. Character creating is whimsical anyways, so dont frustrate yourself with perfection, just give it a whirl and try....I challenge you....

Challenge yourself to create something by looking at a picture. Maybe its a picture of a snowman from a catalogue or some other type of character from a greeting card. Become adept at this and I think your characters will take on new life and you will see tremendous advancement in your work.
When you've mastered that.....come back for more. I'll have a new challenge for you.
Im back to working on more characters for ebay................

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Copper Cuff Bracelets - Metal Jewelry 101

On a personal note......I suddenly realized that I am not a cool kid any longer when I was playing guitar hero last night with my kids and found out that they know all the words to songs that I've never heard of....nor can understand the lyrics too..... who would have thought you could clink metal together until it sounds like nails down a chalkboard and sell it as music? By the way...I stink at Guitar Hero.....But you know....... my kids think I rock as a "cool mom".

Okay....back to the blog. I have had this lingering idea in my brain for a couple of days now. It started out as one way...but after a couple of days of complete failures or should I say...happy and not so happy mistakes...I was able to make those flops into flopportunities - FINALLY! Ever happen to you?

I love the look of bold jewelry....I mean why create something you can't see....or that hides behind your hair right???? Plus I wanted something simple! Easy to create and not cost alot of money...yet look designer-y - Know what I mean? So viola, here's a couple of cuff bracelets I've made using Copper ArtEmboss, Copper rods and some silver coated craft wire. Im quite pleased with the look. It's artzy yet not FAR OUT! Metal jewelry doesn't have to be hard, cost a lot of money or require a degree in metal smithing. It can be whatever you make of it. It's your Bob Ross says....Put a tree there if you want to....

You can get more easy metal jewelry ideas in my book Metal Jewelry 101. (These bracelets are not in there...but, they will soon be released with instructions.....) Full of quick easy and economical ideas to create metal jewelry and incorporate some of the things you already have maybe lying around patiently in your studio to be used.
If youre interested in the Metal Jewelry book...just email me.

So golly jeepers.....get that stuff out of your studio drawers and create!

Friday, December 5, 2008

More Winter Friends on Ebay!

I believe that one of the reasons I love creating characters is imagining what their personality would be like if they were really real. If a moose could really ice would he feel when he fell down on his bum? Remember the cartoon characters like those on looney toons when they would fall little birdies would swim around their head? I think this moose is imagining penguins spinning around his head.

Remember was the skunk on Bambi that had that shy little look to his eye? This is the expression I've tried to capture with this little gingerbread.
And who can resist the sweet innocence of a soft fluffy teddy bear. This little girl is only about an inch tall, but is delicately accented with tiny rosebuds. The clay is sculpted to resemble fur - making her soft and cuddly....
You can check out these and my other auctions by clicking here.
Thanks for taking the time to look and if you have any them to me!

Happy Claying!

Just an update....

I have had several people who have had trouble with the buy now button for the POM Club special. The button works for me, but all I can think of is maybe it's not compatible with all browsers...who knows?

In any event, please email me and I will send you an invoice thru paypal to make the transaction smooth and stress free.

Thanks for everyone who's taken a look at my ebay auctions and to all the bidders. I will have more to put up later today.

Happy Creating!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snowmen, Gingerbread, Penguins and more on Ebay

It feels sooooooooooo good to get back into character design again!!!! I love to create snowmen and snowfriends. I think it's just because they just make me smile. I mean who can frown or be grumpy looking at a snowman?

I have such a huge collection of snowmen, that this time of year my mom calls my house "the snowmen house"....

I have these little guys up on ebay if you care to take a look and own your very own Mariah's Collection figurine.

Click here to check out my auctions

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Let's celebrate winter shall we? I know it's a little early....but no time like the present to create adorable snowfolk, penguins and all your favorite winter friends.

In celebration of winter, Im offering my POM club CD for half price - so regularly $79 now just $39.99. There are over 75 projects on the cd in pdf format. Great ideas for gift making!

This offer is only good on my blog - just click on the buy now button.

To view a listing of the projects offered click here

Happy Claying!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in the Saddle....... Happy Winter Crafting

Happy Fall..... Happy Winter everyone! Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone AGAIN?

Thanks for being patient with the blog as I took my 5 month break! But Im back at it again. We enjoyed a wonderful summer as a family - lots of swimming and hanging out at the pool. Lots of fun trips to Branson, treasure hunts in the back yard with jewelry from the dollar jewelry store, Music shows (which by the way - If you travel to Branson you must go see SIX - They're awesome!) and in general just a great time with the family that I haven't had in years.

In October, hubby and I celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary with a trip to Myrtle Beach, NC. We spent the week in a condo and went deep sea fishing nearly every day. It was so much fun! Then on the last day we saw the House of Blues advertising Kellie Pickler in concert. What a great show and a great way to wind up a fanstastic and memorable couples week!

Im back in the design mode. I've been papercrafting like crazy. Mariah and I are staring a custom wedding invitation business and I'm digging out and selling stuff on ebay - so check out my auctions which I'll be posting later tonight (mostly stamps and craft supplies) along with all my new books and just miscellaneous stuff! My ebay id is Mariah-doll.

Im back in the saddle, so email me! I look forward to sharing crafty ideas with you and inspiring you to create great art with your friends and family!

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