Monday, April 29, 2013

A little creative play - 3D Metal Birdhouse Charms with Media Mixage Dies

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Wow this month is like a whirlwind!  A business trip at the beginning of the month and lots of new fun "toys" to play with and I'll give you three guesses where I've spent a majority of my time!

I've been having a blast playing around with Spellbinder's Media Mixage line.......

For me so much of my artwork revolves around personal memories or things that I hold very dear to my heart.  When I was a little girl, my aunt Jeanette willed me a gorgeous dollhouse that she had custom made in the early 70's.  That started me on a journey of loving all things miniature.

My Grandma Campbell collected birds - especially cardinals and in the springtime, my back yard is full of bright red cardinals hoping to impress a lady cardinal with their song....

This is a tribute to them both.  I developed a way to use the dies to create this 3-dimensional birdhouse charm from the Media Mixage line from Spellbinders.

Took me a little bit to perfect the technique, but now that I have it down - I can make a charm in about 20 minutes start to finish.  Kinda looks like precious metal clay in a way don't you think?

It was a work in progress......and below are some more works in progress....

I think my family will have to drag me out of the studio.......

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Vintage Poppy Jewelry Tutorial - with the Media Mixage collection from Spellbinders

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Love, Love my friends at Spellbinder's Paper Arts!   Stacey and I met on a Scrapbooking cruise in 2005 and I am so proud of her success!

Media Mixage (pronouced - mix-aaahhh-je - love the AHHH part!) is a delicious collection of bezels, blanks, dies, paper, textures and more to create stunning mixed media jewelry and other artful projects.

The beauty of this line is the built in value of Spellbinder's products because everything they make is made to build on the core foundation.  You simply select your base shape and then you can mix and match other elements with ease depending on your style or skill level. Each time you add to your collection with additional dies and other elements, you just expand the possibilities you have to create.  I'm convinced there is no other products out there on the market that can do everything that these products can do.   It's so simple, yet the results are worth a million bucks!

Obviously I couldn't wait to open everything and get to playing. I'm like a kid in a candy store.

The Artisan explorer is their newest machine - which is more compact and therefore the pressure that it applies to cutting is more intense.  It will even cut metal!  Oh I'm in love - totally in love....cut and emboss metal? Yep I'm there!! (I'll share that soon)

Here's the first project tutorial in the Media Mixage Jewelry series that I made.  These bezels were designed by Susan Lenart-Kazmir.

Vintage Poppy Necklace

Spellbinders Triangles One Bezel Set
Spellbinders Triangles One Die Set
Vintage floral Findings of choice
2-Part Resin Envirotex Light
Vintage style paper
Decoupage medium
Jump Rings
Drinking straw

other optional items:  polymer clay (for base), rubber stamps, bling, charms etc

  • Choose the size of the shape you want to work with.  I worked with the largest triangle in the set.  
  • Die cut paper to fit inside the bezel. Stamp any additional elements you would like onto paper as desired 
  • Seal with decoupage medium (very important or your paper will turn dark and transparent)
  • Glue paper to bottom of bezel
  • Mix Envirotex light according to manufacturer's instructions, pour into bezel setting
  • Remove air bubbles by blowing thru a drinking straw - let cure for at least 12 hours
  • Arrange findings onto bezel as desired and glue to secure them in place

I colorized my brass findings with alcohol ink and then wrapped it around the bezel to secure. There are so many options when adding findings, bling and bezel, I encourage to you play and practice.

You can add additional elements and charms to the bezels for added interest.

Finish by attaching your bezel to a vintage style link or chain and add a toggle.  .

For more Media Mixage jewelry ideas  - click here to view the idea gallery at Spellbinder's Paper Arts
For ideas and tips on using 2-part Resin (Envirotex light) click here to visit the Resin Crafts blog

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