Monday, December 31, 2012

The Soul Garden Project - WEEK 1 - SOULFUL ART

The word I've chosen to begin my project is SOUL!  Our soul is our identity. Who we are, our beliefs, our values, our personality..... Have you taken time to walk thru a garden and just take in all the fragrance of the flowers, look at each petal in detail...look at the beauty of everything around you?

Soul Garden is like that walk thru a flower garden....only it's our own personal life garden we're taking a look at.  What makes What am I good at? What can I improve on? What makes me happy? What are my favorite things?  What are the details of me that make be beautiful??? It's okay to compliment yourself...I just gave you permission!

I'm more sentimental now than I have ever been, I cherish anything that is handwritten or touched my my grandma's or other members of my family....and these mundane and everyday things, are exactly what I'm putting in my Soul Garden book, because hopefully one day, future generations will get a glimpse of their past and why they are the way they are....

I love the word *dream* {{yeah I know sometimes its overused...} but if I don't dream, I don't go anywhere!!!

Butterflies and dragonflies are what I think of when I think of that word.  Sometimes it's as though butterflies fly with no intended purpose...they just kinda whisp along wherever the wind takes them.  And so it's a reminder for me to not always be so rigid...not to be totally freespirit without a purpose...but allow my self to experiment in my art and say to myself it's okay if it's UGLY... and just so you know...there's a cover under this one - AN UGLY ONE!

If you think I don't make ugly art...WRONG I do!

Paste away!...... :)

Sunday, December 30, 2012



I'm very excited about 2013, more so than any other year in a long long time.  It's the year I become a Grandma - a place in life that I didn't see myself arriving at this quick! I embrace it and I'll run with it!

It's a year I'm determined to make my goals stick! And I have two of them.... And it's the year, I'm determined to better myself in all aspects of my life :)

I'm beginning a year long project I am calling SOUL GARDEN.  It's an on-going project that when this time next year comes along, I can look back again, reflect, analyze what was good and great, what wasn't so good and great and how I can change it to good and great!

I realized, that so much of my art is based on experiences and memories.  My art is my life and my life is art! And that is the focus of my latest book Art + Life Combined - a mixed media assemblage book to get you thinking in different ways about  your life and artwork.  I want to carry this a step further and journal my art and my daily journey in life.

So, each Monday, I'll feature the word of the week and as the week goes on, I'll feature related inspiration, journal prompts, personal stories, quotes and really who knows what kind of stuff.  I *want* to blog everyday, but I'm not making any promises, I do promise myself to blog a few times a week and if life gets in the gets in the way.  I've got to be realistic.

I really hope you'll join me in this life tour through my Soul Garden and document your own personal journey! I believe EVERYONE is artistic....some...well...we just have to dig a little deeper to get it's's about the process and not always the finished product.  It becomes beautiful when its all put together...

If you want to join me in the's some of the things you'll need

Mixed Media sketch book or composition book
Glue sticks
scrapbook paper
Aleene's decoupage medium - (i use glossy)

Those are the basic staples.  YOU can put anything in your art journal and you don't have to show it to anyone if you dont wanna....this is you....this is your life....this is your life in art!

We're gonna have fun!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

It wasn't supposed to SNOW! + Free Snowman January Calendar Printable

Last Tuesday we were forecasted to get between 1 to 3" of snow here in Southern Missouri.  Then, for us, it was upped to 2 to 4".  And what did we get? - NOTHING! zip-zero-zilch! {{ps....for any of you playing "words with friends" there's three "z" words just for you! ha ha}}

We woke up to freezing drizzle yesterday morning, and then it was supposed to stop, but stay gloomy....
Perfect snug up in the studio kinda day....and when I looked out - we had 2" of snow!
Not enough to make a snowman...but it's beautiful and I'll take it over the blistering hot summer.

Still working on my Soul Garden journal - I'll begin with that series on Monday.

In the hopes of getting us all a little more organized in the new year plus, these sheets are fun to keep and look back on too, here's a free January 2013 calendar printable.

Click on the photo, then right click "save photo as".
Warm Winter Wishes everyone!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Counting down the days to 2013 + FREE SNOWMAN PRINTABLE

THREE MORE DAYS until 2013!

I'm setting small *attainable* goals for the new year - For starters, {{aside that there is always a goal to lose weight}}  I'm going to have a project called Soul Garden - a soul searching and  personal art journal with a theme of the week and quotes. The idea is to have a meaningful word theme a week, with inspiration and prompts to live a more positive life and project kindness and goodness to others.   I'll be sharing some of these pages - and you're welcome to join me in this journey! I'd love to have you along!

This is also the year I will become a licensed designer! I'm excited to make it happen.

In celebration of the new year,clilck on the photo below (should open up a new window) then right click on the photo below and then click "save picture as".  It's a free printable for you to write down your thoughts, goals, BLESSINGS of 2012 and reflections....

If you'd like email this list back to me - I'd love to see!

To begin my soul garden journey, I am reflecting on where I've been and where I am now.  Never in my entire life, have I had so many blessings and sorrows all in the same year.  This was the year I lost my Mom.  I miss her terribly,It hurts terribly, but I'm thankful that I've had Mom's very bestest friend Donna Sue to lean on, she's now become my bestest friends and it a priceless jewel!

So many other  things to be thankful for - and I need to keep these as constant reminders too! Sometimes you don't know how many blessings you've had until you list them all.....

  • I wrote another book Art + Life Combined and it released in September
  • I had the pleasure of taking Mariah with me to London, visit friends in Stoke On Trent and Knottingham and then spend a couple of days in Paris.
  • Appeared on the UK Shopping network Create and Craft 
  • Spent time with my Aunt Junie and Cousin Kelly
  • Taught classes at Stitches and making lots of new friends there
  • Attended the NAEA convention in NYC and met all kinds of amazing art teachers from all over the world, listened to their stories and shared ideas on how to improve kids lives through art!  
  • Promoted Friendly Plastic with videos and classes (one of my favorite creative things to do!)
  • Went to AFRICA on safari! 
  • Toured an African bush school and had the privilege of donating meat and other goodies to their school - definately a MAIN HIGHLIGHT of the year
  • Took a family cruise to Mexico and the Cayman Islands and got to see my kids faces light up as they swam with stingrays! Priceless!!!
  • Walked my son down the aisle at his wedding in July - and gained a beautiful Daughter In Law Beth!
  • Found out I'm gonna be a Grandma!
  • Went to see Zac Brown Band in St. Louis on a get-a-way with hubby.
  • Taught Cloud Clay at a conference at Opryland, Nashville TN
  • Visited Grandma Ginny who turned 90 this year and had a family reunion.  It was the first time that side of the family had gotten together in a long long time!!
  • Spent time with Family over the Thanksgiving break and crafted with my Mother in Law
  • Got my first glimpse at my Granddaughter Carlee Jane via Ultrasound pictures!
  • Bought Carlee her first outfit
  • Had a little mini get-a-way in Branson with Hubby
  • Remodeled my studio - it's awesome
  • Elise got her driving permit - watch out!
  • Mariah turned 21! - Watch out more!
  • Julia has her first boyfriend I call Milo - but his name is really ***** and he's a red head!
  • Alex is gonna be a Daddy!
  • Got to watch Dana act like a kid in a candy store when he picked up the skins from our African animals!
  • Mariah - Cancer FREE another year!
  • Went to my girlfriend scrapbooking retreat!
  • Shared my studio with friends and we crafted the day and night away over Christmas break
Pretty great year overall - I'd say!  

Counting down the days- THREE, Blessings 25+ adding up to PRICELESS!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Decorate your garden, enhance your soul + Inspirational quote

I stumbled across this quote and knew I just had to share.  Putting it in a creative way, it's a reminder to constantly learn and push the limits of my creativity, because no one else is going to do it for me.

Life is what WE make of it - we can wollow in our sorrows, get all wigged out because someone else creates better, paints better, has a better house.... or we can start redirecting all that negative energy into decorating our own soul, and filling it with positive energy and in return, drawing people closer into us.

Today, I'm embarking on what is hopefully an on going project....I'm creating my first Art Journal.

I've done lots of artwork that would fit into one, but I've never actually, done an art that's just free...and random...and ooberly personal.  .Each week I'm going to focus on one positive word.  I'll gather and surround myself with things that remind me of boundaries....just true artistic freedom.

I'll share my journey through the weeks....hope you too decide to plant your own garden...fill it with your soul and make it grow daily....

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blessed with Family and Friends and Charlie Bear who loves art!

 Yesterday was exciting!  I was able to share my studio space with some great friends who came over to do a little mixed media creating of their own. WE - HAD - A - BALL!!!!

I was a little nervous because Monday we were forcasted to get 8" of snow and selfish me didn't want that putting a damper on getting the girls, Donna Sue and GiGi here.

 I think this picture really describes us as a family.

 Mariah made this journal - all by herself.  I'm so proud of her!
In fact she finished several journals.

Meanwhile, My dad popped in and brought us Krispy Kreme donuts...(it's still not snowing!) He's trying to hide and not be seen, but I caught him anyways....

Donna Sue is actually a wonderfully talented scrapbooker, but today, she wanted to learn how I create mixed media I just told her - think of a BLT sandwich - {B}ackground - {L}ayers and {T} texture....I think when you liken anything to get the point!  So here's the start of her canvas as she chooses the paper...

Generally, Donna Sue is a troublemaker of sorts at our BlackBerry Creek Scrapbooking retreats, but I think it's only because she's not kept busy enough.....I found when you keep her busy....she stays outta trouble...and really doesn't talk much either! LOL....

Gigi is busy streaming you-tube video's from her phone to try out some techniques she's found....

At our last retreat, GiGi sat across from me and started a series of Canvases that will eventually spell out the phrase, "LOVE THE ART YOU CREATE" - or something like that....I know she already completed the "art" she's working on the "LOVE"... {That's us some crafty LOVE}'s still not snowing...... :(

While the Love is drying.....GiGi begin's embossing some tags for the "YOU" canvas....and Donna Sue -  in between playing "Words with friends"...which isn't really allowed during creativity time {see I told you she was a trouble maker}....she's adding more layers and texture to her canvas..

For me, I was wanting to create some Art Doll faces for canvases.  I'm so blessed to have a puppy who shares my love of art...Isn't Charlie bear cute?  {he likes to sit beside me while I work}

With a face like that - he's constantly spoiled with treats.......I think maybe I'll sign all my artwork with is pawprint...what do you think?  {and it's still NOT snowing!}

We talked, laughed, worked....and after 12 hours of creativity...well...we called it a day

and at the end of the day....... it never snowed, but we did have a blizzard of fun!  .

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Create snowman buttons with Friendly Plastic + how to video

Create a pair of snowman buttons with Friendly Plastic.  It's easy and fun to embellish an inexpensive pair of mittens or gloves.  Your kids will love them!!

Don't miss any of our how-to videos - subscribe to our Friendly Plastic TV channel today!

And for a variety of project ideas, subscribe to Linda's YouTube channel

Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Celebrate today and EVERYDAY! + Free Winter Craft Projects and Snowman Video

We're anxiously awaiting our first REAL snow of the year! We're supposed to get between 1 to maybe 6 inches, which probably equates to next to nothing AGAIN! But here's hoping!

I'm so excited to have good friends over tomorrow to play in the studio with me.  We're going to be creating mixed media art and I can't wait to see what we all create....nothing's just play play play!

In case you're in need of a little inspiration, here's some winter themed projects you can enjoy creating either by yourself, with friends or with family - Courtesy of

(video courtesy of Creative life TV and Cool2Craft)

For more Craft TV video tutorials - visit my youtube channel and subscribe
I'm celebrating Friends, Family, SNOW....and Everyday!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Art from Art + SNOWMAN ART!

The only thing that resembles winter around here in southern Missouri is my artwork! 

Today it was over 60 degrees and felt like a spring day!  If I'm not mistaken - isn't this WINTER? 

While I was in the studio creating, Mariah was inside baking my favorite snowflake sugar cookies!!

This past weekend I've been on a crazy snowman kick!  I LOVE snowmen, I love snow, I love playing in the snow, I love how snowmen always bring a smile to my face.  They are sooo much fun to create, whether it's from polymer clay or on a canvas.  I think winter characters are by far my favorite to create.

I've completed three one of a kind journals this weekend.  I've scanned them all in, imported them into photo shop and with just three original pieces, I was able to create a variety of additional art that I've since turned into notepads, bookmarks, greeting cards.  Got so many ideas oodling......I don't know if I'll be able to come up for air!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Snowflakes are nature's glitter! - Original Snowman Art Journal

Yesterday, far as a blizzard, it wasnt! We barely got a dusting. But I did snug up in the studio and create snowman art!

This is one of the originals I did yesterday on a composition notebook.   I keep journals like these all over and jot all kinds of stuff in sketches, ideas, thoughts, memories or even tear sheets of inspiration.

I'm offering it for sale in my etsy shop - SweetAntiqs

The kids are now out of school for the winter break so we'll be enjoying lots of creative time in the studio.

Wishing you warmth, happiness and lots of creativity!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Blustery Day in the Neighborhood + Snowman Journal Video

For hours and hours now the wind is howling in the artic air.  Yesterday's high was 70 degrees and today's high is 30! It's a blustery, snowy kinda, stay in your jammies kinda, creative day!

So I think I'll just coze up in my studio today and oodle (my new word for create) some snowmen!  I need some new snowmen to adorn the house - hubby is anxiously awaiting that moment I'm sure!

Here's a fun video I made last year - a time lapse video on how to create a Snowman Journal.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Developing Friendships

Part of the fun...laborious task of remodeling my studio was organizing! Laborious because with all the little pieces parts I have, it took DAYS to do, but the FUN was discovering things I had either forgotten about - hidden treasures that came to life and looking through boxes and boxes of cards and letters that my Mom had saved over the years.  Some of them date back into the 70's.  Most are conversations between my Grandma and her, but in the more recent years, many of them were cards from caring friends, just wishing her well and thinking of her.  

Before computers and email, the only way to communication was either through face to face, telephone or that handwritten personal letter.  In our busy lives, being able to dig through these cards and seeing how cherished Mom was and how much she was loved by her friends was so comforting.  Giving a handwritten letter or card really speaks long beyond the initial giving of it.  

While in Iowa last month, I had the chance to craft with my Mother in Law.  We took a day and made cards.  I really enjoyed this personal time with her and connecting with her.

As a craft pack rack, I didnt want to throw any of my scraps away, so I collaged them together to make these two Friendship Cards - good any time of the year - for no special reason at all.

Really easy to make and you don't have to worry about the color scheme.  Just cut into squares and rectangles, grunge it up with a little bit of texture and add some doodles for fun.

I stamped on muslin the word Friends and "you and me" and layered them onto a scrap of burlap.

I love textures and layers together and thinking of this project.....I know just who I'm going to send this card to!  

Take 10 minutes today and think of your friends, make a card - nothing fancy and send it! You'll make their day!  

PS...anyone need my address??? 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Never Ever Give UP!

Good words to have in front of me today as I mourn along with the entire nation the horrific tragedy of Sandy Hook School!  My thoughts and prayers are with those families and I can't imagine the pain that they must be undergoing at this time.    And while I won't dwell on it too much because it's in the media - I do have a couple of hopefully comforting thoughts to share with you.

I've heard in the media that many people are saying "Why would a loving God permit such things to happen and not do anything about it?"  Which is really quite reasonable to think since we see violence so prevelent in our society.  And with that I've dug out my Bible and done alot of meditating on things I've always been taught from it.

If you aren't a spiritual person, maybe these thoughts will give you something to think about.  It's not my intent to offend, but to offer a moment of comfort.  No matter what though, it still hurts, however there is hope beyond the hurt.

So many people say they are Angels up in heaven.  It's a nice peaceful thought, isn't it?  Comforting to know they are not suffering and nothing bad is going to happen to them again.  Not so comforting for the parents of those children.  If God needed more angels in heaven, wouldn't it be reasonable that he would just create some more? Is it reasonable to think that God would cause pain to all those families, just to have a few more people in heaven?  My knowledge of the Bible has given me some comforting answers.

Did God cause this? No - Consider James 1:13&14 which says that God can not test anyone by means of evil. Or Job 34:10 which says "Far be it for the true God to act wickedly..."  So if God didn't, who is responsible? Whose influence controls the world in general today?  I think we would all agree that this terrible act were nothing more than satanic, hideous, wicked and  beyond our sense of sane reasoning.  And that describes the ruler of this world -  Satan - 1 John 4:18 gives the answer - that the influence of this world is Satan.  In his hatred for God, he influences the world and causes things like this and then puts the blame on God.

We do have hope though, and for me it's comforting that I can place the blame on who it ultimately should fall on - Satan. I've seen so many updates on my facebook, that talk about this influence which is all around us. It's glamourized on TV, our kids play violent video games....and the list goes on and on.  I couldn't agree more with those people.

 My hope is in my two favorite scriptures Rev. 21: 3 & 4 which talks about all suffering, mourning, sickness and death will be done away with.  ALL the former things of this life we see will be done away with to live as Jesus said in his prayer at Matthew 5:5 quoting Psalms 37:10, 11& 29   Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

I know that these words don't take the pain or the sting of what happened away, but as time passes, it does give us hope to always do what is right, be peaceable and never give up.

Thanks for listening. I hope this has provided a little comfort.  I wish everyone a peaceful day and lots of love going out to the affected families!  I welcome your comments!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

TRUNK SHOW SALE - 40% off Janie Lane Collection


Sweet Antiq's Etsy Store

I'm having a trunk show sale from my etsy shop.  I just need to make more room to make more pieces!

  Use coupon code TRUNK2012 at check out and receive 40% the price listed!  What a great deal to get handmade gifts at this price!

I ship via US Priority mail and there should be enough time to get it to you by xmas.  

Have fun!! and thanks so much for shopping!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Garage sale box- Part 2 - BE BRAVE!

Just a friendly reminder today from me to you and  from me to me.  :) 

I find it helpful to have all these little reminders in front of me to keep me thinking positive thoughts.  

When I create positive artwork - even if I'm not feeling very positive at the moment, I'm forced to think positive thoughts.  I find myself in a much better mood! 

The "live your truth" phrase is one I snatched from my awesome friend Julianna Hudgins.  It reminds me to be who I am and be the best person I can be and most of all BE BRAVE!

I hope you all have a great day filled with positivity and lots of creativity and fill your life with ART!!!

XO - Linda

Friday, December 14, 2012

Imagine the Possibilities!

Today I went to one of my favorite shops and talked with the store owner.  I had let her borrow a couple of my books to peruse and get some ideas.  The shop is FABULOUS and the shop owner, who I'll just call - shop owner - (lol), is a lovely lady bursting full of ideas and a gorgeous shop to boot!

Her dream is to write a book, however, she swore up and down, that it was just not in her to do that! I believe in her.......all she has to do is Imagine the Possibilities!
She'll do it...I know she will!

What are you imagining today?

P.S.  I picked this box up at a garage sale for $3.  It just needed a little love and I was so happy to upcycle it this weekend.  I'll share more soon!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Counting my blessings

I have many things to be thankful for, my FAMILY most, my friends, and my husband who said YES, to my studio remodel.

For a long time, I've needed new space.  I am a craft hoarder of sorts...and actually, it seems that the more professionally you dive into this industry, the more you NEED, the more you accumulate and the less space you have to put it all.

So when, Dana finally said YES! I was not about to say NO!

You've seen my workspace before on the blog...basically, the only thing I could do to clean it up was to bulldoze it off to the side.  It just got so overwhelming and with everything being out in the open, it always looked messy.

My studio was housed as a 14 x 12 space inside of a 24 x 20 building.  I knocked out the wall on the south and increased my space to about 24 x 15! YEAH!

Just about ready to remove the wall

I decided to jump out of my craft box and create something big.  In the end I made two cabinets like this one, the cube shelf below, another bookshelf, and a cabinet thingy to slide all my muffin tins full of beads in.

Even though things sit out, I'm finding ways to artfully organize - so that it looks creative, but serves a functional purpose too!

These silk strips are hanging on the rail of a vintage baby bed.  They add lots of fun bright cheerful color and I can easily see what I have to work with.

Move in day!  Took me three days to organize all this stuff!

 More scenes from the studio!  I stapled chicken wire on my cabinet doors and backed them with fabric and burlap.  I clip on stuff to them and can change it when I get tired of it.

A year ago we had a tornado that took out one of our prettiest bradford pear trees.  I saved some of the branches which became the swag. - it's not quite finished in progress....

 I scored big on this buffet that I bought from a thrift store for $60.  It was really worn and ugly, but a fresh coat of paint and some elbow grease brought it back to life.  I think it likes it's new home.  It stores my sewing supplies and my Momma's fabric perfectly.

 This is the creative side of the studio, where I do my work.  The expansion is the video corner.
You can see my little office nook.  I bought a vintage baby bed and used the pieces all around my shop.  As you saw before, I hung strips of fabric on the railings and by my desk the matress springs make a great way to display some handmade cards that Mariah and I made recently.  The baby bed was a great buy at only $30.  

And, along with going to Iowa to be with family and creating jewelry in my "spare" time, that pretty much took up the month of November!  

I have so much more to share! So if you haven't done so, please subscribe to the blog and check out my youtube videos for more creative inspiration.

Friday, November 30, 2012


I wanted to share this page from my Pinterest board  - I'm  not sure who the artist is. {{if you know, please tell me}}

I love pinks and yellows together, they're fun and playful - I also like the hint of sauciness with a touch of red.

Check out these pinterest boards for more inspiration!


Dina Stamps

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Super Cool Ink Pens in Friendly Plastic! New Video

In this episode of Friendly Plastic TV, Linda Peterson shows you how to create super cool ink pens wrapped in Friendly Plastic.  Embellish with beads, rhinestones, vintage elements and broken pieces of jewelry.  Pair them with a little stationary for a great gift.  Enjoy!!

Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Janie Lane Trunk VIRTUAL show + Jewelry Giveaway

There's two ways to join me at the Trunk Show

Have a girls night out
425 N. Main, Nixa, MO 65721

15% off entire purchase from 6pm to 8pm 

Door Prizes every 15 minutes
GRAND DOOR PRIZE $50 Gift Certificate - Must be Present

Wine * Cheese * Pastries * Shopping!
Come on out and see the exclusive gift  lines that Christine offers!
Janie Lane Jewelry Collection * One of a kind Furniture * Shabby Chic decor * Candles and More

Friday October 26th from 6pm to 8 pm

Can't Make it?  No Worries - Sign up for the virtual trunk show - click to email

Janie Lane Collection Virtual Trunk Show & Sale

WHEN:  Saturday October 27th & Sunday October 28th
ONLINE - VIA EMAIL & Exclusive Link

You'll receive an email with an exclusive link to view the show.  Each email will receive one entry to win a fabulous piece of Janie Lane Jewelry.  
I'll also honor the 15% Discount until October 28th and give you two more entries with each 
purchase to win!

Email: to be put on the exclusive list!

Have a great week! See you soon!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A little green with envy....

A little bit jet lagged still from a quick hop over the pond to premiere my collection of beads that are exclusive to Create and Craft (I'll post soon!).  I had loads of errands to run yesterday and the cool crisp weather is perfect to wear my favorite plaid flannel shirt.  I paired it with a couple of my newest Janie Lane jewelry pieces, grabbed my calendar and headed out the door.  

I couldn't help but stop and take in the wonderful colours we are having here in Southern MO, especially since we've had such a drought and a lot of the trees took it really hard....

above is the view in our yard....

The turn of the century mill along the Finley River in Ozark, MO

I love old bridges!

And during one of my errand stops....I sold the jewelry right off my neck!! :)

I won't get a chance to breathe any time soon.  Every weekend from now till the middle of December I have something planned!!  I'm very excited about it really and it's all fun and creative.  

My latest piece I've named "Green with Envy".  I'm not sure why...but the luscious rich green tones really spoke to me.  I've also paired it with some gorgeous autumn coloured faceted beads and strung it on hand dyed silk.  I do believe that when you wear it, your friends will be green with envy.

Couple of quick updates...If you live in the Springfield, MO and surrounding area (or even if you wanna make a road trip towards Branson, which is a great time of year to visit, by the way) mark your calendars for Friday October 26th.  Get a babysitter...have the hubby watch the kids...whatever you have to do so you don't miss The GIRLS NIGHT OUT WINE, CHEESE and TRUNK SHOW at RESTORE in Nixa, MO.  From 6-8pm we'll be having some fun girl time, shopping and sipping wine and eating delicious cheeses.  

Christine from RESTORE also will be featuring some great one of a kind vintage pieces of shabby chic furniture, you can also see all sorts of artwork from local artists in the area.  It should be a grand time!!!

Then coming the 2nd weekend in November, I'll be doing my first ever VINTAGE MARKET in Billings, MO as part of Phoene's Vintage Market.  I am so excited to not only share my Janie Lane Collection, but also an eclectic mix of unusual vintage finds that I've been collected on my dumpster diving excursions.  I am soo excited to be a part of this vintage's totally me...totally fun...and gives me an outlet for my diving-slash-hording-junk addiction!

Craft on!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Watch me on Create and Craft TV

Just a quick update and reminder. 

Join me on Create and Craft TV for an hour of polymer clay bead making.  I'll be making pandora style beads with Cernit clay.  Friday and Saturday

Please check the website because show times may change and keep in mind that the times listed are UK time.  For us in the US, subtract 8 hours if you are on Pacific time, 6 hours for central and 5 for eastern.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Monday! _ Happy Everything!

It's crunch time here at Studio 223.   We just finished the Ozark Craft show and thanks to all the amazing local folks, Mariah and Alex totally rocked the Dog Treat World!!!

Now it's on to the next project and getting ready for my Create and Craft TV shows this Friday and Saturday.  I'll be showing you ideas on how to make Pandora Style Beads with Cernit polymer clay and I'm very excited to be making beads with Cernit and then combining them with Jesse James Beads!!

Show times are 10am and 7pm GMT.  That translates to 4am and 1pm Central time here in the states. But check their website for the latest information and be sure to subcribe over in the right side bar so you don't miss the updates.

So much fun - Gotta Run!

{{scored these wooden shoe forms this weekend - don't they make a lovely display?}}

Serenity - The Janie Lane Collection

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It feels like FALL!!!!

Although I don't like the misty rain that has with the weather, I am totally loving the cold weather!  It certainly felt like Fall today at the craft show.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 29 degrees in the morning and frost!! YIKES!!!

I'll be back at the Ozark Craft show tomorrow demonstrating jewelry making and helping the kids sell their pupcakes..! Maybe I should consider selling hand warmers - I hope my fingers work!

PS - Just came home at it's 58 degreess...hubby is complaining that the house is cold and said..I feel like I should be at the football game as cold as it is in here..ME:  Well...isn't that the idea?

Happy Fall Everyone,


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bead on Sista! My girl Julianna Hudgins shows how to create with Artistic Wire Mesh

I love this mesh! It's soo much fun to work with and I featured this product in my book Beading In No Time,
{{check out the necklace on the right}}

Beading in No Time is available on Amazon, Hobby Lobby and Michaels

So you can imagine how excited I was when my girl Julianna Hudgins {aka Jewels} shared this video and more ideas on how to use this wonder wire!

Hope it give's you some creative inspiration for a Thursday Morning!!!  Happy beading y'all

Instructions to create this lovely Flower Mesh Necklace by Heidi Blankenship using Julianna's Positively Me Line - click here

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