Monday, July 23, 2012

Cookin Clothespins! Wanna come for dinner?

I don't cook alot...and given the picture that might be a good thing!!  Because here I'm fixin' up a good pot of clothespin soup....actually..they're soaking in tea.... Any one wanna come over for dinner???

This weekend my Son, Alex gets married.  I'm not sure how I feel about that...I mean I am HAPPY and all...just a little disillusioned at the fact that MY SON is getting MARRIED...because yesterday he was a baby.....Am I really that OLD?  (Dana would say YES!) okay..I've digressed....

I wanted to make a gift, but wasn't quite sure exactly what to make them...then I remembered Beth has a pinterest board so I went on the hunt.  I found a picture of an old frame turned into a picture board...

A couple of weeks ago we salvaged several barn panels, old windows and 3 window frames from an old barn a couple of counties away.  Hidden in a mound of dirt were three of these....

Caked in mud...actually embedded into the dirt, full of spiderwebs...but when my eyes saw them I fell in love...Dana? not so much...but he was a good sport.  He only rolled his eyes in the back of his head briefly.  Reluctantly he put them into Red Sexy and I brought them home...

So when I saw the pinterest board, I rushed into the back of the studio and dug out the frame....
I scrubbed it, washed it, sanded it, paste waxed it and tea stained the clothespins above to give them a vintage look...added some quilt squares and embellished them with some bits and pieces of my mom's broken jewelry....

and here it is! I LOVE IT!!! SHE LOVED IT!! ALEX LOVED IT!
and I made one for me too!!

New Friendly Plastic Video - How to make an Eiffel Tower

Inspired by a recent trip to Paris, I show you how to create a simple Eiffel tower with Friendly Plastic and turn that into a book mark or use as a handbag or purse charm.  A great project if you're new to Friendly Plastic.

I'd love to hear from you, leave me a comment, send me a photo and I'll post you're work to our Friendly Plastic blog!!

We have loads more Friendly Plastic  instructional videos - click here 

Rub on Transfer Techniques with Friendly Plastic

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Butterfly Flutterby! It's butterfly week on Cool2Craft + Free Project

It's hard for me not to incorporate butterflies into everything I do in mixed media.  I think they are so beautiful, graceful and their colors - wow! They are truely amazing!

So this week on Cool2Craft it's BUTTERFLY Week!

Join us at our Livestream channel at and watch as butterflies take flight.
This week I feature how to make a bent wire butterfly pendant.  An easy to do pendant that takes just a few minutes and a few tools - add a simple ball chain and you're ready to go.

Catch all of our individual videos here:

I love feedback - please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions!! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's Paint - It's Cool - VIDEO LINKS +Free Projects

The summer is blazing hot, so stay cool and paint up and create some cool projects of your own.  This week on Cool2Craft we're all about paint.  Just in case you missed the show, here's the links to the individual segments.  Join us every Monday at noon Eastern on the Cool2Craft Livestream channel for all new projects!

·         How to Create a Tile and Mirror Plaque by EcoHeidi Borchers

·         How to Decorate a Frame with Salted Glue Painting by Candace Jedrowicz

·         How to Make Ombre Painted Layered Canvas Art by Tiffany Windsor

·         How to Paint an Anchor Canvas Tote by Savannah Starr

·         How to Make Faux Enamel Jewelry by Linda Peterson 

Don't worry if you can't make the show, just join in anytime during the week when it's convenient.  Each show plays continuously 24/7 throughout the week.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Cool2CRAFT! How to make a Outdoor Candle Chandelier + Free Project

On today's Cool2Craft show it's all about the GREAT OUTDOORS!!

That can mean lots of different things for different people. To me it's either enjoying some fishing at the lake or at the other end of the spectrum, just relaxing on my front porch enjoying the birds sing or listening to the crickets and the critters and the squirrels as dusk approaches!!!
I shared how to make a outdoor candle chandelier using jars, armature wire and chain oh....and I almost new favorite craft medium - CHICKEN WIRE!    This is a great project to recycle your glass jars that you hate to throw away!

If you missed today's show, don't worry - it airs 24/7 on the Cool2Craft Channel - just click here to watch all the amazing projects like Candace J's Mixed Media Canvas, Heidi Borchers shares how to make a birdhouse fairy cottage, Tiffany is recycling glass to create garden decor and Savanna is creating an adorable dinosaur necklace that's all sparkly.  Don't miss what happens when you put a few creative girls together with a crazy mix of stuff!!! Don't miss any of the projects I feature here, be sure to subscribe to the blog and "like" my facebook page too!

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