Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Linda Peterson to teach at CrafTech University's Craft JAM!!! - Hardware Chic Jewelry

Oh my goodness! This is just the FIRST of very exciting, I mean REALLY Exciting announcements coming your way. I've got lots more the share..but for right now, I gotta keep somethings a little secret!!!...but for now I can share this!!! (and so you don't miss out on any announcements - be sure to sign up --------> over the on the right for the newsletters...)

See you soon!!!

So you don't want to sit and watch football all day?? Leave the games with the boys and
Join your favorite instructors for  6 hours of CRAFT MANIA!! 

Beginning at 11am

 HARDWARE CHIC!!  with Linda Peterson
11am to 1pm central
Create the latest trend in jewelry
Learn wire wrapping, create your own found object elements and more as you design a necklace that will be the envy of your friends - Class kit included ** Please note: Additional supplies and tools will be needed **
Cool2Cast TECHniques with Tiffany Windsor
1:30pm to 3:30pm central
Learn the basics of Cool2Cast fibre plaster - Color, Stamp, Embed and MORE
Elements can be used in jewelry making, papercrafting, home decor projects
Kit available at an additional $14.99 - click here to order kit
2 hours
** Please note: Additional supplies and tools will be needed **

TERRIFIC TECHniques Cardmaking with Samantha Star
4pm to 6pm
Join Samantha as you create 4 gorgeous cards! She will be covering a variety of different stamping, embossing, faux-finish and distressing techniques. Use inks to create a faux-velvet finish, learn how to emboss and de-boss, as well a fun twist on a resist technique.
Kit included - 2 hours
** Please note: Additional supplies and tools will be needed **

This CRAFT JAM Day is PACKED with loads and loads of TECHNIQUES!
Thank Goodness it's recorded so you don't have to remember - or take super fast notes.
Work right along with our instructors  - review the class at your leisure.
This class is limited!
Participants will be sent a complimentary link to the class - however you must sign up before
the class to receive the link.  It will not be available as an on-demand purchase.

Purchase the classes individually $35 each
or SAVE $15 with an all day JAM PASS! - Only $90

Register NOW! - ALL DAY JAM PASS - click here

Register now for Hardware Chic - Linda Peterson - Click here
Register for Cool2Cast Class with Tiffany Winsdor - Click here
Register for TEN Techniques with Samantha Star - Click here

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sizzix TriplePlay Blog Hop - Week 4 - A beautiful Love Story

How would you define Love?  What is Love?  I'm sure if I asked a hundred different people, I'd get a hundred different answers on what love is to them. 

I believe love has many facets.....there's the romantic love....there's the love you feel for your child, for your siblings....there is agape' love....and of course the greatest example of love is God....because the God IS love. 

I'm very fortunate to have experienced love....and see a great example of TRUE LOVE in action.  It's funny how love develops...and how it changes over time...but as it changes...it deepens....

I want to introduce you to the two most beautiful people in the world....my Mom and Dad..(Jane and Larry)..they are a beautiful example of TRUE LOVE.

As so the theme of this week's blog hop is obviously dedicated to them......

They've been together over 50 years and will be married 50 years in April 2011.  Back in 1961, they were a young couple in their twenties....their whole life ahead of them.  Dad was in the army...(2 years, 3months and 28 days - long story)...and Im sure life was a struggle for them to make ends meet.   Dad is a very smart man and by way of a little fortune in his life, he began working in the computer industry.  Mom never worked outside the home until I was much older.  She worked very hard as a homemaker...an excellent home maker...always having a delicious home cooked meal every night....clean house...and she taught me to sew and so much more...

You don't know as you're growing up, watching your parents live life that you're being taught the greatest of life's lessons...the lesson of giving ...caring ...and love....

Well...it's 50 years later for my parents.....and their love has never died..but it's changed.  Mom's been in the hospital now just over 2 months.  My Dad greets my Mom each day with a warm smile and a "How's my baby girl doing today?"....he is there beside her every moment that he can to attend to her.... beautiful example of LOVE....

Mom would probably kill me right now if she saw I posted this picture of her without her make up on and her hair all done up....but I know it doesnt take makeup and great hair to be beautiful.

I snapped the photo of them just a week or so ago with my cell phone. The quality of the picture is bad...but the emotions...and the LOVE that oozes out of it is priceless. As I looked at the photo...I couldnt help but think (and sing it as I made this project) of Nat King Cole's LOVE song. and how it describes that picture perfectly...

L - is for the way you LOOK at me....
O - is for the only one I see
V - is very very....EXTRAORDINARY
E- is even more than anyone that you adore

And love is all that I can give to you...
Love more than just a game for two..
Two in love can make it..
Take my heart and please don't break it...

....yes LOVE was made for me and YOU.....

and yes....LOVE...

and I thank God every day for the giving me the most beautiful gift of love...
Love you both!

Now...for the hows and why's of the project...

 Sizzix ScoreBoards Pro Die – Frame & Frame Back with Stand #656835 by Eileen Hull  - sometimes it's good to put a frame around one aspect of your life so that you can just focus and reflect on it for a while...

Acrylic Paint in peachy, minty, creamy colors because they say "romance" and love to me...

Collaged Fabric accents - Like the "LOVE and the Heart" - remind me of Mom's quilts...She makes the most gorgeous baby quilts you'd ever want to see....

Lacey Rosette - because this is totally MOM's personality..she loves foof! And it's beautiful...just like their enduring love..

The white doily in the background -  reminiscent of Mom's successful wholesale doily business Memory Lane Gifts that she started when I was in high school.

Decopauged Roses - mom's favorite flower and the flowers Dad buys her on their anniversary..(he better save up...50 roses is going to cost a TON of moo-lah!)

And of course the Words....which is an outward expression of how I feel about them....

Hope this post helps you to pause for a while and reflect on the one or two or more beautiful people in your life....Why not tell them how much you love them???

okay...now for me to get a box of kleenex.....and HOP!

Just runnin a little behind today....

I really thought this was only Monday....I mean the last time I looked at the calendar it said Monday....Oh MY....

Im running just a little behind the schedule today......But I guarantee you wont want to miss the story behind this project.......Sooo.....check back in later today...or better yet...

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So...see ya in a few...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Here's Hopin!

I really can't say THANK YOU enough to Sizzix and my designer friend Eileen Hull for the opportunity to be a part of such a great blog hop! 

I really had no expectations regarding this hop at all, but it's given me sooo much more than I ever expected...... What you ask???

It gave me permission.....yep...permission to create....to create "ME" projects...what I wanted to do...products "I" wanted to use...and make what I wanted to make. Permission to just DO...and if necessary...FAIL and say...well...I tried...and move on.

It's during this process that I believe I've really grown as a designer and as an artist.

Life for me is very stressful right now.  Im dealing with so many raw emotions - and on the outside...I can put on the game face and be happy...but all while on the inside, my heart is breaking.

CANCER! It's an ugly - ugly - ugly word!  Disease...just plain icky-ness with lots and lots of sticky-sticky garbage piled on top!  As many of you know...my Mom is suffering from all the sickening effects from ugly ugly cancer.  I would be lying if I said it hasn't taken it's toll on me....and especially on my Dad.

So during all these hops the past few weeks, I've written stories to go along with my project designs...stories about my life growing up...happy memories...take me away from reality for a moment stories.....

I've used this hop as a form of art therapy.  I allowed myself to write off all the ugly emotions I was feeling at the time.....yanking them outta my brain...and replacing them with happy memories.....and empowering thoughts....and making projects that I can look at and feel good about....

This multi-media painting simply titled "HOPE" is just a small snippit of a larger painting that I created last week.  It's one piece in a collection of paintings focusing on faith, hope and love.  It's multi-layered and textured (just like my life) and respresents so much of what I was feeling at the time.  It really was MOOD changing!

While I don't believe that if you immerse yourself in art or buy all the craft supplies in the world you will be healed....I do know that art allows you to escape for a time, helps to relieve stress - which we all know has a TON of health benefits...and above all it gives you the ability to look thru the windows of life, refocus and see HOPE at the end of the tunnel!

 I am once again smiling...because I FEEL like SMILING...and Happy..despite stress....

So here's Hopin!  Hopin you can also find a sense of relief thru art and just get a little respite...

I hope you come back for more!...(which is code for....sign up for my newsletters!!!) shameful self-promotion isn't it?

Monday, November 22, 2010

VIDEO TIME: Polymer Clay Rattlesnake Beads - Bead Techniques - Linda Peterson

So just in case you weren't able to join us today.....here's the clip of my segment featuring rattlesnake beads using polymer clay.  This is a feature in my book BEAD TECHNIQUES....

Thank you to Tiffany Windsor for editing this segment.  And remember - you can watch Cool2Craft each week on Monday at Noon and the PM edition on Wednesday at 9pm.

If you're interested in my books - visit my e-store at CrafTECH University.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Polymer Clay Rattlesnake Beads on Monday's Cool2Craft live - Linda Peterson

http://lindapetersondesigns.mybigcommerce.com/categories/Craft-Books-and-DVDs/Polymer clay is one of my favorite mediums to work with and tomorrow - I'm back on Cool2Craft Live Craft TV to share one of my favorite techniques to create rattlesnake patterned beads.  You wont believe how easy-peasy this technique is....but.....you have to watch it to find out..

Want more ideas?  Check out my book BEAD TECHNIQUES which features this technique and many more to simulate stones in polymer clay!

You can order it and my other books by clicking here

Watch the show live at NOON eastern
visit:  linqto.com/rooms/cool2craft

See you there!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop - Week 3 with Brenda Pinnick's Flower Die

This week was a challenge...not so much with the die itself, but with the color palette.  It's not colors I normally would have chosen.  S'okay though...Im up for the challenge...I mean how can you grow....uh heh...s'cuz me...BLOSSOM without a few little challenges along the way? Right?  Do I hear a HECK YEAH?!!

And so the story goes..........Blossom.....

Last week I talked about empowerment and how you have to believe in yourself and how you have to show a little "tude" along the way....and after you do all that...you Blossom!

In keeping with my vintage chic style, I knew it had to have fabric....because...fabric is soft and tender...I wanted to create something for the wall...and I wanted to keep it very....comfy...yet powerful enough to speak to me ...to tell me to get over life's challenges and blossom!

I think of each of the petals as one of life's journeys.....each petal shaping your life...your personality...sometimes there's little bug bites along the way that ruffle your petals...but in no way does that deter the flower from opening up...from blossoming forth in all it's glorious beauty......

As I stitched the petals, I couldn't help but go back in time to when I was about 9 or 10....I was sitting on the couch....in the living room of Grandma Campbell's house...it was late at night and I had waited all day for this special treat.  For Grandma to get out the box!  It was a Baskin Robins box that Grandma had decoupaged fabric in this very same color pallete and trimmed it in lots and lots of red rick rac.  Inside it contained...what I thought at the time (still do...) little pieces of treasure....lace....ribbon....scraps of fabric......

We sat there on the couch together....sewing....doll clothes....little tiny stitches..until midnight when Grandpa would come home from work and Grandma would fix him fried steak n eggs......Great memories!

As I worked with this yellow, I thought two things........Honey....the sweetness of honey....and the color of my Baby Beans....the one that Grandpa gave to me...all wrapped up for no reason...."just because" he said, "I saw this and thought of you"....(by the way still have baby beans..)...

I can sit here and think of all the good times....and the little bug bites in my life....and Im glad that like the flower....I chose to learn from them...and Blossom!  I hope you do too!

So...now here's the skinny on the materials....

Sizzix Flower Die by Brenda Pinnick - cuz...with out this...there's no blossom!
Fabric....for a soft delicate touch...
Felt....cuz I felt like it....no really because it was included in the kit....but I love felt...It's warm and cozy...
5 x 7 artist canvas....serves as the "dirt" in the project and gives the flower something to grow on....
Embroidery floss - Stitching....cuz...it takes me back in time......
Burlap...because I found some when I was scrounging around for stuff to use...and this totally a "me" thing..cant throw anything away...who knows where it came from...
Beads:  to add a glimmer of sparkle for those moments that really shine.
Loopy Trim...just reminded me of grass blowing about in the breeze...I know it's brown grass from lack of water...just pretend with me will ya??
Glue and Staples...the things that keep us...and this project from falling apart
Paper....cuz..it has words on it....and I like words.....
Soda tab...my little part in being eco-friendly...

A HUGE Thanks to Brenda Pinnick for the inspiration and the colors she chose.  Brenda teaches awesome color workshops so be sure to check out her website for all the skinny on her Color U

okay now...Hop along...Hop Along....there's lots more for you to see!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop - Week 3 with Brenda Pinnick - Sneaky Peaky

I'm carring on with the vintage chic theme again this week - Goodness gracious I'm having fun with this.

Another week of the Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop begins tomorrow
Come back and read up on the story that goes with this theme....

Be Hoppy!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Friendly Plastic on today's Cool2Craft Live

Im showing the technique to Bling up your Friendly Plastic jewelry - Live on today's Cool2Craft show with Tiffany Windsor.

We're making dimensional pendings using lots and lots of fun materials! 

Kit available for $16.95 at CrafTECH University

The Cool2Craft Line up features guests:
   Heidi Borchers
   Candace Jedrowicz
   Brenda Pinnick
   Tiffany Windsor
   Linda Peterson

Watch the show live at 12 noon eastern (11am Central, 9am Pacific) click here.

Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The making of MetalWork Jewelry - Steampunk meets Hardware Chic

I was so UBERLY (is that even a word?) excited today when I opened up my email to find the final jacket design of my next book - MetalWork Jewelry by Cico Books (release March 2011)calling out for me to open it!!

 A few weeks after signing the contract, I send a few projects ahead of time and a small blad - or sampling of the book is put together to give to the sales team.  Inside, there is a mock up of projects and the layout of the book to give the book buyers an idea of the designs that will be featured inside....

Here's a closeup of the front cover and...

the back cover.....

Now....it's time for me to proof the copy...and then it's off to the printer!!!!  I can't wait!

You can pre-order an autographed copy of the book by

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop - WEEK 2 - Pop Up Box by Karen Burnisten

In yesterday's post, I gave you a sneaky peek at the thought process I was having in designing this project.  

I generally don't assemble pop-up's and Im not a paper engineer in any way, so I knew that I had a challenge awaiting.  Which left me a little....well..... apprehensive.... unsure...didn't really know what I was going to do. 

Can you relate? Ever have that happen to you when you tackle even the smallest challenge? Be it creative? or one of those little life's challenges that lay before you?  Feeling a little self doubt, what if I fail....what if ...what if...what if ....until you've What-If'd yourself right into a creative block or corner and you just want to hide....

Well...I needed to get those WHAT IF varmits out - so I grabbed my art journal and a few things that were laying around and let them go...I painted the paper real quick...wrote down my doubts...or just what came to mind at the time....and pulled them right out of my head!  Let go of them.....Amazing how liberating that was....and FUN!.EMPOWERMENT! WOW!..So this got me going....


We all should have AH-HAH moments the I'm in control of me moments... and say with conviction....

just look at these ladies.....think they have a little of the "tude" goin' on??? OH YEAH BABE...I can assure you they do!  (I happen to know that the far one on the left is my Great-Great Grandma Sarah McClellan.....so now I know where I get it...)

I think we all go thru moments of self doubt when tackling some uncharted territory...so here's a little thought.. remember, all you have to do is............................

of course it doesn't hurt to

and know that you are loved.....
 (aww...Im feelin the warm fuzzies now...) 
and even thru the toughest challenges....just like an airplane that soars thru the clouds on a rainy day to find the sunshine..
tell yourself "I WILL...

When you take a look back at what you've accomplished..

you'll realize that you are STRONG and you - MY DEAR - are BEAUTIFUL and you've come out on top!

So while this box isn't a pop-up at all....I wanted it to be, but life's challenges got in the way of my creative time...so I turned this into a paperweight...It will be on my desk continually reminding me of these very things...and sometimes it will give me a swift kick in the batookie when I'm feeling a little sorry for myself...

Just simple little words........but OH SO EMPOWERING!

Now...the elements and why....

Sizzix POP UP Die by Karen Burnisten - because this was the basis for the project

Paper by Die Cuts with a View - it was precut from this cardstock.

Fabric..a little tattern and torn...cuz sometimes well...life roughs you up...

An organza bow - because...it's beatiful and delicate - just like our own personalities...

Buttons...just because they remind me of Grandma...

Words...I love words....they're fun...they're expressive...

Paint and ink because it's messy and I get into my work...Im more expressive that way..and it's a stress reliever..and I don't use a painbrush...I use my fingers...

Stitching because it makes me use my Mom's avocado green Kenmore sewing machine which is older than me... It sews two kinds of stitches...straight...and zig zag...nuf said...

Mod Podge because....not only does Mod Podge ROCK...it glues the seams of our lives back together when they fray..

So hope you're empowered today to accomplish what you've wanted to do... (like sign up for my newsletter and subscribe to my blog..which I know you've always wanted to do...)

But for now...quit reading this and GET HOPPIN!!!

Click on the Sizzix Button on the upper right to HOP ON!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SNEAKY PEEKY - Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop - Week 2 - Popup Cube by Karen Burnisten

I struggled a little with this project...I'll admit...but not because of the project...but because I couldn't decide just how I wanted to make it.

But then something I read on Julianna Hudgins facebook page brought it all together ....she said:

"There will be moments when you wonder how in the world am I going to do this? How will I put one foot in front of the other and move forward without falling? Am I good enough? Pretty enough? Too old? Do I have what it takes? Am I smart enough?
I am here to remind you that you are the most LOVING, KIND, PATIENT and BEAUTIFUL Woman that I know. You are in control of what happens next. Own it, Live it and BELIEVE it!"

And at that moment....I knew....just what I wanted to do......so here's a peek into my random thoughts about this project...

I feel empowered.....I can do it.....

Tomorrow you'll see "how I did it"....I've got big plans -BIG BIG PLANS in the making.(can't say right now...it's my little secret..hehehe)..and sometimes I think it may be bigger than me...but I know ...If I want it bad enough...I can make it happen....I WILL make it happen!

Just to give you a heads up......Im running behind in this project...so...may be a little later on in the day or afternoon before it's done.....just sayin...patience my dear grasshopper friends........

Thanks JEWELS!!!  for all the positive mo-jo!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way home......... Gettin' the boot!

My family knows me all too well........I'll dive for anything....Im a packrat....Im a might need it someday person...I embrace that...I embrace junk....funky junk....but it has to be classy junk....

On the way to the studio today....Hubby and I noticed a cowboy boot....just one....standing straight up on the side of the road... ( I guess at this point I want to say...who loses just one boot?)...but ..none the less...there it lay...or maybe it was like a little lost puppy, sitting there so curiously on the side of the road waiting for someone to come along and feel sorry for it, scoop it up...clean it up and love it up....

I don't know....but really,  I never gave it much thought...until tonight....on our way home.
There it lay.....this time ...on it's side.... I suppose it was tuckered out from watching the traffic go by all day and no one stopped.....maybe a little depressed and in despair....(im feeling a little sorry for the boot about now aren't you?)..
And hubby said....."there's the boot ...still there....Im suprized you havent scooped it up and steampunked it by now..."

I don't know why...but I did look at him a little suprized.....and thought..."Does he really know me that well???"  I suppose he does...he knows I'll save anything I can....and now...after reading this ....Im wondering about the boot.....it's gonna get cold tonight....and I suppose if I see it there tomorrow....I'll have scoop it up...clean it up...and love it up...

Monday, November 8, 2010

CrafTECH celebrates the Graduation of the FOUNDATIONS Mega Class!

Saturday November 6, I believe we made online history with a 6-hour - totally interactive - totally live mega metal working workshop at CrafTECH University.  Not only was this a mega workshop - it was an international workshop as well with students representing Canada, Australia and the United States.

I wanted to keep this class small and personal, because the subject matter - metalworking - would be a little intense.  I had 5 very eager students....and one teacher (ME) who was praying that everything I had prepared dilligently for would go smoothly....and IT DID.  We had absolutely no streaming problems, no internet problems and just a TON OF FUN!!

Here's a write up from Robi, my Canadian student and what she thought of the class.  Robi is a watercolor and mixed media artist.  I'd invite you to visit her blog at http://www.decorablesart.blogspot.com/   And a big thanks to Robi's husband for graciously letting her borrow his tools!!!!  Nothing like the feeling of some power tools in your hands - right ladies?

She writes:

I graduated!  On Saturday I participated in a 6 hour, online metal-working class at CrafTechU!  I had so much fun - more than I thought I would have.  I have never worked with metals before, or a wood block to hammer on, or stinky chemicals that would burn the hair off of a gorilla. (it wasn't really that bad).  Linda Peterson taught the class herself and she is an excellent online teacher.
I am sure that most of you don't really give it much thought, but teaching online is VERY different from teaching in person, and not everyone can do it successfully. I have been taking classes online for 3 years and Linda has been the best. The feed was clear and when extreme close-ups were necessary, Linda obliged and I could see the most minute detail.
Linda has obviously had much experience teaching and is a published author. Her artistic talents are vast and she clearly conveys all concepts. I was completely out of my element yet she made me feel confident, competent and excited about creating my own piece of jewellery.

I took several pictures of the experience because I wanted to share it with anyone curious or sceptical about the online learning process, and specifically with CrafTechU.

Laying out the items in the class kit (provided in the cost of the class) and getting ready
WARNING!!! Girl with hammer! Girl with hammer!

Giving my brass plate a bath in liver of sulphur -- YUMMMEEE. (not).  It wasn't stinky like the ammonia solution we also had to use.

Remember to wear your gloves!

The view from the seat at my worktable.  I had all my materials and hardware around me. The screen  has a whiteboard area where all pictures can be displayed, a chat box, a video screen, and also the capability to see everyone else who is on a web cam.

There is always the capability of going full-screen where the detail is excellent.

 One of the items provided in the class kit was a smaller piece of copper  (it's under and jutting out from the button and bead). Students who have a set of metal stamps, like alphabet stamps, were able to stamp a word into the metal.  Since I do not own metal stamps, I chose a few personal items to attach with copper wire.  I chose a vintage brass button and rose bead.  I threaded them and then wrapped them to the metal.

  Starting to assemble the necklace.

 One of my favourite pieces.  This is a broken drill bit (both pieces) wrapped in copper wire.  My darling husband was helping me drill and one piece of metal was thicker and won the battle with the drill bit.:(

    Right: my drill bits;Centre: a 'link of beads' that I chose to use as an attachment as opposed to a decorative link in the necklace chain; Left: button and bead charm. I used alcohol inks to enhance colours.

 This is the thick copper disk we couldn't make a hole in.  Our attempt left a divot on the lower left side so I glued a rose-coloured gem neatly inside. Without a hole to attach the wire I wrapped the wire around the top and through the hole -- still very pretty.  There was a pretty, straight copper bar that we didn't use in class so I chose to anneal, hammer, shape and wrap it.  

 Lots of wrapping.  I think I am now addicted to wrapping wire:) This is another situation where I had to adapt the necklace.  We ( and I say 'we' even though HE (my hubby) made one hole at the top of the plate (instead of at the bottom). I just had to wrap it a little differently. 

The 6 hours flew by. We had several breaks so the afternoon was most pleasurable.  I loved learning a new process and thank Linda Peterson very much for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks Linda!

Final tally:  
Times I had to alter the project:5
Times this posed a problem:0
Number of times I got my skin caught in the pliers: 4
Times I drew blood:1
Number of fingernails still black:2
Next class I'm taking at CrafTechU: 16 days:)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friendly Plastic TV Video - Dimensional Pendants by Linda Peterson

In the past we've worked alot on 2-dimensional designs which primarily focused on layering or putting a variety of mediums on top of the Friendly Plastic to alter the look of it in some way.  In this video, we take that a step further. 

I love the look of stretching and crackling the Friendly Plastic, but often this results in the colors of the foil dulling when the black background pulls up through.  To solve this and to add a decorative, somewhat watercolor wash effect, I tried nail polishes.  The results are beautiful and the polishes fix the foil so that the colors remain bright.  Add a touch of decorative foil and you've created one of a kind - gorgeous pendants - in any color...and my I add that you can make these in 30 minutes or less??  Great HUH? 

Kits and Friendly Plastic supplies can be purchased at the CrafTECH University Craft-E store.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Friendly Plastic TV.  I always welcome your comments and suggestions for show segments.

contact us
Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop - Week 1 - My Dream House

Welcome to the LAUNCH of the Sizzix Triple Play Blog hop - Week 1 featuring the House Die by Eileen Hull!  I'm quite certain there is LOTS and lots of eye candy in store for you!!! 

I can NOT begin to tell you how much creative fun I had designing this house! Did you get a chance to read the "I might...what If I need that... post?" You might want to scroll down and read that first, because it will make a whole lot more sense after reading this...

It's a rare occassion that I get the chance to create without limitations, so, I really looked at this as a challenge for myself to see what I would do with no holes barred.  I said to myself- "self.... use as much mixed media as I can, but dont use a paint brush".  Which really fits me because I am a messy creative person.  I love to get my hands and fingers dirty - guess I really pour myself into my work.
The other rule was....there was no rules....I would...because I can!

I had the old cheese box sitting there for ages in hopes of it migrating it's way (by itself mind you) to some prominent part of the house...or some shelf...or somewhere...but It didnt and it sat there....

If you looked at my bookshelf you would also discover that I have LOADS and I mean LOADS of craft magazines from all different titles and styles sitting on my shelf.  Apparently I thought these would just magically jump in my lap when I sat down on the couch to relax...they didnt.....

So yesterday....with lots of thought....and looking at stuff that just sits there and clutters up my life....I decided to give some of it a little more prominence and ressurect it to a place of usefulness.....and so I did........

What I did was take the cheese box off the shelf and paint it...and ink it.........and said..."Little cheese box...you will become the foundation of this project..." ...and so it did....it's now happy :o).

And magazines...who lay bunched up together...squished....full of claustrophobia....I pulled them out...and I found one of my favorites...a past issue of Legacy...and I thought...dare I?  ...I dared!....  I ripped pages out of it..cut up letters...tore...inked....and said..."thank you legacy...you have been given new life...and you will no longer sit on my shelf ...helpless..."...   I dared....I tore...I inked...I refreshed my soul.....

And so now you get the thought process that I had going in my mind....what could I repurpose...give new life to...express myself...

I painted paper with my fingers...I inked and stamped...I made scratch marks with toothpicks, painted with cotton swabs, inked with my fingers.....and just had a messy FAB time.

Mine is a dream house.....The roof opens on one side (the side with the girls face) and you can write your dreams down...and tuck them away inside....sometimes dreams change...thus why the roof opens....


You have to put alot of "heart and soul" into your dreams and you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN...yep...it's up to you...no one else...those little magazines are not gonna jump off the shelf unless YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN...

Time flew by really fast as I escaped into my creative journey....thus the time piece.  It's also a reminder that it takes time to create...it also takes time to make your dreams happen....not to mention a lot of hard work..


There are words about travel and places I want to see.....basically...I want to see it all....from the tallest monument..to the tiniest creature.... and do do all this you have to be.....


Then I want to come home to a nice little cottage tucked in the woods and create.....

I'll be featuring this as a class....I re-discovered so many techniques...discovered a few new ones...but most of all this class will feature unleashing your inner creativity...even if you don't think you have one....

Here's the basis of the project...
Sizzix Big Shot Pro Die Cutting Machine

Sizzix 12 x 12 white matboard

#656836 Sizzix Scoreboard Pro Die: 3D House by designer Eileen Hull
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