Monday, February 27, 2012

The Wonder of Polymer Clay by Bonnie McGough

I met this delightful lady about 5 years ago when I attended my first Stitches trade show in Birminham England. Bonnie is just a ball of sunshine and so delightful to be around. Her enthusiasm is absolutely contageous.
 Bonnie has just released her first book "The Wonder of Polymer clay".  I was absolutely delighted that she signed a personal copy for me!

This book kept me company on the long plane ride back home.  It is so full of inspiration and one of the things I liked best about Bonnie's book is that she has put so much heart and soul into writing this.  You can feel her passion for polymer clay come through the pages.  She tell's it how it is, how techniques work best for her and even shares things that just plain don't work at all.

Last time I saw her, She gave me a frog on a pencil which I have propped up in my pencil box in my studio - I see it every day.  This time she also gave me this lovely hand made rose card. She is just adorable!

You can see more of Bonnie's work, get a copy of her book and watch her tutorials by visiting her on her website at:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Polymer Clay Beads and Inspiration on Create and Craft TV

What a week I've had.  I've just come home from the most amazing experience!  I LOVE MY JOB! I have the best job in the world! Making stuff for a living is fun - but being able to share my passion of crafts with all of you is even funner (is that even a word?) and meeting and making new friends is even better!  I'm on cloud 18 - which is way way way above cloud 9! (and over to the left a little)

Last Friday I had the privilege of being a guest presenter on Create and Craft TV a division of Ideal World located in Peterborough England.  

Alison and I had commented several times that we were *hoping* that Leonie would be my co-presenter for the show and I was so thrilled, delighted and honored that she said she was presenting my show!! Polymer clay is "her" thing! She loves it! (she loved it so much - she came in for the show the next day too! :) )

Here's a view from my set looking over to what's was currently on air.  The room has several sets in it.

Leonie and I had met briefly several years ago when I was demonstration beads at Stitches.  It was such a quick meeting though, I didn't know if she'd remember.

 We had a fab time!!  Here we are about to go on air! (No pressure - no pressure at all with *live* TV)

She is such a natural at what she does and she made the whole experience so exciting and enjoyable. Right now she has just introduced me on the show :)

Love this picture of her as it really captures her personality.  She really has a true connection with the viewers and I'm sure lots and lots of fans (can you say *starstruck* - I am, just a little!)

Here's a little snippit of the monitor in front of us.  The top screen shows what is *on air* and the bottom shows what's coming up next. :) (if I show up in the bottom screen - I know I need to smile and get ready!)

You would think that an hour would be a long time to be on air - but the reality is - it wasn't nearly enough time for everything I wanted to share and it just FLEW by.  I had so much more to say! :(

During the show I demonstrated how to use the pasta machine, bead rollers and other bead making tools to make a variety of beads like those shown below (which I pinched from Leonie's blog)

 The feed back from the show was great and everyone at the studio made it such a pleasure to be there!
They even re-ran the show!!  Hopefully I'll be back soon! 

Follow Leonie's Blog and all her creative world at

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Learn to make Polymer Clay Beads with the Mokume Gane Technique on Create and Craft TV

Just a quickie post as I head out of there to the airport on my way to England.

Mark your calendars to watch me on Create and Craft TV -  Friday February 17 at 11am (GMT)  and Saturday Feb. 18 at 10am (GMT) to learn how to create beautiful lampwork style beads using Cernit polymer clay and the mokume gane technique.  

I'm sure we'll have load of fun during this one hour special presentation!! I do know that quantities are limited and I've put together special colour packs just for this show.  I'm so excited.  

I believe you can email into the show too - just check the website for more information:

This and many more techniques are featured in my books MAKING BEADS  and BEAD TECHNIQUES.
If you're heading to the NEC in Birmingham for the Stitches show, drop by and say HI! I'll be in booth D02!

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