Monday, May 4, 2009

A tribute to the life of My Uncle Jim Wayant

Thank you for all the condolences I've received on behalf of my Uncle Jim. It means alot to our family and to Aunt Molly and I to know how much he was "loved and admired by all"!

There was around 300 hundred that attended the Memorial and celebration of his life yesterday afternoon in my Aunt Molly's back yard. The concensus of everyone in attendance was that it as the "happiest" funeral that they ever attended and I couldn't agree more. Yes, we grieved and tears flowed.....but with the beauty of the surroundings and the hope of a ressurection to everlasting life back to earth that the Bible promises brought us comfort and peace. And we know that he is just in a sleep like state waiting the ressurection.

For friends and family that were not able to attend - below are a few pictures and the words to music that Uncle Jim loved so much and the hope he had....

James Jerome Wayant was born May 25, 1935 in St. Louis Missouri to parents Andrew and Annett Wayant who preceded him in death. Jim had three siblings, Andrew - aka 'Junior who als has also passed away, Mary and brother Bob.

Jim passed away on April 25, 2009 in his home surrounded by his family after a long illness.

He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Marlene "Molly" along with his son, Scott and Wife, Barbara, and Son Chad, Sister Mary and Brother Bob along with Grandson's, Nieces and Nephews.

Uncle Jim was always known for his 55 Red Ford Truck and belonged to the Valley Cruisers Car Club. He is remembered by his nieces as nephews for his smile, warmth and endless teasing. Uncle Jim was very much a people person and loved to go shopping with us. He would sit on a bench for hours and meet and talk to people. He loved going to DisneyLand with us and many of my fond memories are of him taking us on rides - especially the tea cup ride. He was truly a kid at heart. He will be greatly missed.

Jim was a member of the Hemet East Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. His memorial service was officiated by Bob Clark.

Below are the Lyrics to the song... "Would You Like to Live Forever" - I wish I knew who the writer is...

Would you like to live forever,
In a paradise on earth?
Where every man would be your brother,
What would such a world be worth?
Would you be willing to give up,
All your bombs, your swords, your guns?
And beat them all to plowshears.
And let the kingdom come?
Would you like to live forever,
Strange though it may seem?
It's time to call the meek together,
And it's really not a dream,
Would you like to see the sunrise,
On a clean and redeemed earth?
And no more sickness, no more tears filled lives,
Oh what would such a world be worth?
Would you be willing to do without,
Your factories, freeways, slot machines?
And like the wolf lie down with the lamb,
If you know just what I mean.
Oh would you like to live forever?
Strange though it may seem.
It's time to call the meek together
And it's really not a dream.
Yes would you like to live forever,
In a paradise on earth?
And if you'd like to live forever,
What would such a world be worth?

So to Uncle Jim....Rest in peace - Until we meet again in paradise.!


Anonymous said...

I visited your blog site and was truly touched by the song too. Thanks for sharing. Temecula is truly a beautiful place. His celebration of life will be full of lasting memories. God Bless.
Charlotte Gust/Tememcula, CA

Julia Wood said...

Linda....what a beautiful tribute to Uncle Jim. I wish i could have been there with you all.

mwayant said...

July 1st will be twenty years since we lost my dad, Andy aka junior. I know what everyone is going through. My prayers are with all of you. Mike Wayant St. Louis, MO.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know your Uncle Jim but I am a distant relative of his. My mother, Rosemund Stuckenschneider, lived with Annette Wayant in St. Louis before she married Lester Volmert. I am their daughter, Marjorie Volmert/Cline/Smith and just ran on to your blog in doing some genealogy work. Thanks for the blog as it fills a gap in my family history...and sorry for your loss.

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