Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Fun Creative Summer!

Isnt it odd that you wait for sooooo long for something to arrive and then once it gets's gone? I know that's the way summer is going to be.

So when it turned 2010 it seemed like it would be forever until ManCamp in May.  This is an annual fishing trip to Lake of the Ozarks. It's just me and the boys- My Dad, His Brother Jim, and my two cousins Jimmy and Craig.  It's become known as the Molden Family Annual Fishing tournament with the Old Moldens (Dad and Uncle Jim) vs the NOT SO OLD Moldens (me and the boys)....Um....we didnt win!  But we did have alot of fun....

Dad bought the boys was a 6" ruler because - well...for the simple fact that we rarely ever catch anything over 6" and if we's huge....for us

 Don't's a fish.......

Guess I was wrong....Jimmy did catch a "big fish"....

So that was the beginning of May.......
Then the next week Mariah graduated from Ozark High School class of 2010.

Here's her graduation announcement:

Seems like yesterday I was sending our her birth announcements....

Then Mariah was excited about Camp Rainbow - which is where she is now until Saturday.  This year she gets to be a camp counselor for MINI Camp and help out with all the day activities to kids that are just a year or so shy of actually coming to camp to spend the night.  She's been wanting to be a counselor for years and this year she got her wish...

In the midst of all this craziness - I launched a brand new concept of online live craft classes at CrafTECH University.  I believe there is a real need to connect the general audience of crafters with respected teachers in the Arts and Crafts Industry.  Maybe you've never been able to take a class from one of the "celebrities" for various reasons....they never come close enough, financial reasons, health reasons...welll...whatever your reason, I launched CrafTECH U (for short) to fill that void.  We are able to teach classes live via webcam so you are "virtually there".  So far it's been successful and I believe it will continue to grow.  I do have a newsletter that I try to send out about every week and a half with updates regarding new classes and such.  So please sign up and tell your friends to sign up.  We're on Facebook too!  Go to for more information on our latest classes.  I guarantee you will love the format.  So if you are a reader of this blog - I will give you a free class of your choice to the first 10 people who respond thru the end of June so you can try it out.  Just email me with the subject of "Free Class from the ArtBuzz" and I'll sign you up.

Last week Dana and I had a little mini vacation to St. Louis to a Cardinals game.  We had great seats, stayed just a block from the arch.  Go CARDINALS! - yep they won!  Went up in the arch, toured the Budweiser Brewery and just had a wonderful time seeing the sites in St.Louis...and to think Im from there and I never take advantage of was wonderful.

Oh..and if you are going to StLouis gotta go to the Broadway Oyster Bar on Broadway (go figure).  If you are a creatively eclectic person, you will love the decor of this place...and the bathroom too...soooo cool.  The oysters are AWESOME and I dont even like oysters - the crawdad buckets are amazing and the aptmosphere is great...especially on a beautiful go there and then go tour the brewery and see the Clydesdales.

This past weekend we enjoyed some fun family time at the pool...

It was gorgous weather for that too- 90 degrees!!  And congrats to Elise (on the right) for winning the handstand contest at the pool.  Great Job!

So this week, Im playing catch up...Hubby and I are empty nesters for a while and Im enjoying the quiet time.  But that still means work and creative time.  I've got a couple of projects due using Friendly Plastic - one with pellets - making a mask and another with sticks for the Creative Connection event in September.  Gotta tape a couple videos and I've also set aside some time for just a bit of creative play and getting my class schedule down for July and August.  On Friday - June 11 at 7pm I have a class scheduled thru CrafTECH U featuring Friendly Plastic and Stampin Magic.  There's still space left (not many) if you are interested. - Just check the website.

Next week.  I guest host Cool2CRAFT Live interactive TV. If you havent had the chance to watch it ye,t we would love for you to join us.  If you cant on Monday - It's you can watch on demand. 

Also on Wednesday nights we have the Pajama Party hosted by the Partay Girls...this is a creative show and tell and is totally YOUR can come on Webcam and show off your stuff...and toot your own horn...and if you dont want to toot your horn...i'll do it for you.  Don't know exactly when it's my turn...but I'll letcha know when Im up to guest host.

TUESDAY's THE CARRIE UNDERWOOD Concert!!!! Woo Hoo...the girls are sooo excited.  We've got great seats and this is sure to be a summer family favorite!  Thursday June 17th I teach one of my most popular techniques and one that Im kind of known for:  Polymer Clay Whimsical characters featuring the Six Simple Shapes technique.  These are two back to back classes and more info is on the CrafTECH U website.

Then the next day - Friday we pile the kids in the SUV and head to Florida for a week in Orlando, Disney, SeaWorld and deep sea fishing..... We're all going - even Alex and Im soooo excited!!!

July is packed with  tentative classes, creative time and planning mariahs graduation party and a concert from KC and the Sunshine band...Oh yeah..lets rock out the 70's boogie music......"shake shake shake...shake your bootay".....

This takes us to August where we have a Kellie Pickler concert and the annual Carson Iowa Rodeo just a week or so before the kids head back to school....(im outta breath!)

September I will get to attend the Creative Connection and feature Friendly Plastic to all sorts of Creative Women....This is going to be awesome as I will be there live with Cool2Craft's Tiffany Windsor.

And then in's the trip of a lifetime...We're going on a Bible Land tour to Egypt and Isreal.  We're gonna go play Isrealite and roam around the wilderness - except we're only going to take two weeks to do it.

But you can betchurbooty that Im going to do some serious serious crafting in between all that! 

Im hoping that this is the Best Summer the whole family has ever had!!!  It's not for a lack of trying huh???


Gerri said...

It was FUN reading about your family and things you are going to do and doing. I also didn't know about your daughter Mariah who is beautiful like her mom by the way (went back to a post you wrote in 2007) and the fact that she's graduating high school is wonderful! We are all here for a reason I believe and we touch everyone's life we encounter even in the smallest way. It's corny but true LOL.

Can't wait to see the classes that are coming up!

BevinUSA said...

Hi Linda I just finished reading this wonderful message of your summer. I wanted to let you know that I live in Florida and it is about 90 mins from our home to Disney. I know you will be very busy with the kiddos and all but would love to chat with you on the phone while you are down here. anyway sweetie will post this here for you and love an hugs and Prayers to You and Your Dana and Mariah and the rest of the kiddo's ok see you later love BevinFL

Maybe can chat on skype with you do you have that on your computer ??

Anonymous said...

Ain't life fun!!! Thanks for giving us a snippet of your fam and full schedule! WOW, is just a word but BUSY is bigger! Take care,

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