Sunday, October 31, 2010

Metal Jewelry - Old World Copper earrings featured on Cool2Craft

I was in quite a quandry over which project to feature on Monday's Cool2Craft show.  So, I put the call out to all my crafty and creative friends on Facebook to help me with the decision and it was unanimous - METAL JEWELRY!  Wow!  This is such a hot topic now! Metal  jewelry  is everywhere you go.

Have you noticed recent jewelry trends?  Im seeing pearls intertwined with lots of metal links and even some vintage looking chains. Im seeing more metal links and chain designs with less focus on  beads.   The looks are becoming much bigger and much bolder and it goes without saying FUNKY it! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!  My kinda style.  I love the old with the new...and the classy with the...okay...let's call it what it is..."classy trashy"...

This project is one that is featured in my book, but I'm going to put a little tweak on it and tell you a little story behind it and what make's this piece really fun and memorable to me.

I design because it makes me happy...and what I really love is designing with materials that have a special meaning or make me think of a memorable out what that story is tomorrow on Cool2Craft LIVE!

Since this is a People's choice project....I expect to see all the peoples who voted on Cool2Craft tomorrow!!!  It'll be a great crafty time!!

At showtime click this link:

Eastern:  Noon
Central:  11am
Pacific:  9am
UK (GMT 0:00) - 5PM
Austraila:  2am Tuesday morning - so hey if you can't sleep....join us!

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