Sunday, December 7, 2008

Copper Cuff Bracelets - Metal Jewelry 101

On a personal note......I suddenly realized that I am not a cool kid any longer when I was playing guitar hero last night with my kids and found out that they know all the words to songs that I've never heard of....nor can understand the lyrics too..... who would have thought you could clink metal together until it sounds like nails down a chalkboard and sell it as music? By the way...I stink at Guitar Hero.....But you know....... my kids think I rock as a "cool mom".

Okay....back to the blog. I have had this lingering idea in my brain for a couple of days now. It started out as one way...but after a couple of days of complete failures or should I say...happy and not so happy mistakes...I was able to make those flops into flopportunities - FINALLY! Ever happen to you?

I love the look of bold jewelry....I mean why create something you can't see....or that hides behind your hair right???? Plus I wanted something simple! Easy to create and not cost alot of money...yet look designer-y - Know what I mean? So viola, here's a couple of cuff bracelets I've made using Copper ArtEmboss, Copper rods and some silver coated craft wire. Im quite pleased with the look. It's artzy yet not FAR OUT! Metal jewelry doesn't have to be hard, cost a lot of money or require a degree in metal smithing. It can be whatever you make of it. It's your Bob Ross says....Put a tree there if you want to....

You can get more easy metal jewelry ideas in my book Metal Jewelry 101. (These bracelets are not in there...but, they will soon be released with instructions.....) Full of quick easy and economical ideas to create metal jewelry and incorporate some of the things you already have maybe lying around patiently in your studio to be used.
If youre interested in the Metal Jewelry book...just email me.

So golly jeepers.....get that stuff out of your studio drawers and create!


Jen Lowe said...

Gorgeous! Just love these!!! Once again - you've outdone yourself!!

Linda Peterson said...

I have to do "something" to keep up with YOUR amazing talent!
Everyone checkout her blog...

You'll be AWE-mazed!

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