Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowmen that won't Melt on Cool2Craft! and the FAVECRAFTS Blog Hop

Im really gettin' into this whole Blog Hoppy thing....It's such a great way to see a variety of creative inspiration without spending alot of time googling every key word that you can think of....

Along with the Sizzix Triple Play blog hop, the folks at FaveCraft's have started a blog hop called "Finished on the 15th" technically mine is finished "BY" the 15th...but none the less it gives you an opportunity to hop down to all my posts from the last month to get a little creative juice flowin in your brain.....

If  you missed yesterday' Cool2Craft show and my demo on creating Snowmen from polymer clay - not a problem!!!
Just click here and you can watch the ENTIRE recorded show in the playback room!
or watch my segment below

Enjoy the show...and enjoy the hop...

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