Thursday, October 4, 2007


A long time ago, while rooming with Barbara McGuire at a trade show, she shared with me how to get out of creative chaos. She said to me " Change an element". Sometime's we all get stuck in a rut, or we are working on a project that is almost there...but not quite and we like some part of it and not another, so what do you do? Change the shape, add a color, add another design element, but CHANGE IT!

I've always remembered those words and realize that they can apply to all aspects of life. So when I was tired of my hair....what did I do? I changed it! You may have already noticed the new photo on the blog. That is a brand-spankin new hairdo. Change is GOOD! Im not afraid of change! I got the hairbrained idea last weekend. So yesterday, without further adieu, I called my stylist and said CUT MY HAIR! I left with a new look on life, felt creative and just feel great about my new style.

Okay...I know that has nothing do to with a way it does, Jen can do wonderful artwork with hair, but in a small way...if you find yourself in a creative rut...change it! Doesn't have to be drastic, but at least take a small step.

I've heard of artists creating "chaos cards". These cards are about the size of an ATC and can be decorated in a variety of ways. The one thing they have on them are ideas such as "Add a color", another may say, "Change the shape", another may say "Add texture" and so on. When your in a creative rut, you randomly draw a card and do what it says. It can go a long way in to jumping over a creative rut.

Now...let's change subjects for just a minute and talk about giving and sharing . I'd like to introduce you to someone who I don't think know's what a creative rut is. I've had her website link on the side bar for quite a while. She's known in the art community as JLO...yep we have a JLO in the industry. Her real name is Jen Lowe. One of the BEST things about being in such a creative industry is constantly meeting wonderful talented people and developing lasting friendships with them. Jen and I met on a cruise three years ago...the cruise was another subject in itself, but we were on a cruise and our personalities just clicked - she was teaching for Spellbinders and I was teaching for AMAC. Since then we've shared creativity, personal matters, family stuff and in general have ridden one heck of a roller coaster between crafts and family.

You'll have to get on her blog site and read all about Lucy McGoo. Recently I've been blamed for her having to create a blog. (I take full responsibility and blame Katie Hacker for inspiring me to blog). I'm proud to say I've been inducted into the Lucy McGoo hall of fame and been dubbed as the Lindy Loo (my knickname from way back) of Lucy McGoo. She even wrote a poem! Will her creativity ever stop?

The creative industry is all about giving and sharing. The more you share, the more you get. When I was a "green - so new to the industry I didn't have a clue" designer, Donna Kato & Barbara McGuire took me under their wing and graciously guided me. Told me what to do, and what NOT to do. They are responsible for my contacts with book editors and magazines and even TV. I will always be thankful to them. I show my thanks by giving back to the industry and sharing with others what they taught me. When I met Jen she was a fabulous artist, but had no idea of what it was to be a designer in the industry, so I took her under my wing and proudly became her mentor. I'm her cheerleader! I know you'll be seeing more of her in magazines and books...and who knows...we just may create our own TV show...(my hubby has promised me a camera for our anniversary - hint hint to the hubby!) So there's definately more things to come from Lucy McGoo and Lindy Loo McGoo....

Okay..that's all the jibber jabber I have for the day...until next time on the ARTBUZZ!


Jen said...

I LOVE your new do! Looks fabulous!

And I can't wait for Lucy McGoo to come play with Lindy Lou! We are going to have so much fun...and get into so much trouble. Perhaps we should lock the cameras away! LOL!


Helen said...

Great new look! I love it. By the way, keep blogging.

Helen said...

Hi Linda,
Love your new hair style.
Keep blogging. I've had a great time reading and keeping up with what you've been up to.


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