Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Faith, Hope, Courage and Love - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When I was growing up, my favorite color was pink.  I love pink, everything is pretty in Pink!  Pink also has a very different meaning to me now.  It's bittersweet.

October is breast cancer awareness month and it was 4 years ago that my mother was officially diagnosed.  She fought long and hard but unfortunately the cancer won in the end.  It's a sad story. But it's not a hopeless one.

Everyday women are diagnosed or fight for their life because of breast cancer.  The biggest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones is to have regular screenings and mammograms.  I dreaded having my first one...but it really wasn't all that bad.  If found soon, the success rates are high!

So in memory of those we have lost, and to give courage, strength, hope, love and friendship to those who are still fighting and a huge CHEER for those in remission, I created these pendants.

Even if you have never had cancer personally, I'm certain you  know someone who has, a friend, a mother, a child, a grandmother.  Let's never forget the fight they are facing and keep reassuring them with love and laughter.

These pendants can be purchased for $10 postage paid by clicking the BUY NOW button below and please choose your sentiment:

Mom, daughter, friend, grandma, hope, courage, strength, survivor

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