Monday, June 10, 2013

Mixed Media Monday Video Tutorial - How to make vintage metal flowers - Spellbinders Media Mixage

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I have a special drawer that I just throw stuff I want to keep in.  It’s filled with letters, postcards, ephemera – just all sorts of stuff that has more sentimental value than actual worth.  On gloomy rainy days, I often get out the box and look through it.  It was on one such day that I discovered an old postacard that I bought at a flea market in Paris.  The flowers on the postcard caught my eye and the color palette was so gorgeous.  It was this card that inspired these flowers.

My family smirks and calls me the Trash Princess, because I love to upcycle trash and bring out it's "treasure".  Using soda cans seemed like the perfect material.  They're easy to find - FREE is good! and they're easy to work with.  Just be careful as sometimes the metal can get kinda sharp.

Enjoy today's video and remember it's easy to turn your trash to treasure! 

Spellbinders Supplies:
MMM-001 Spellbinders® Artisan X-plorer™ Machine
MD1-010 Susan Lenart Kazmer for Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™  Hearts Two
S5-143 Spellbinders® Jewel Flowers and Flourishes
Aluminum Soda cans – 2 cans per flower
Item to embellish (i.e., vintage kitchen grater, old book, photo frame, etc.)
Photograph or post card
Embellishments of choice
Brooch or large bead focal piece
Krylon® Spray Paint in two colors of choice (one main color, one accent color) plus off white
Ancient Page Acid Free ink – chocolate
Tacky Dots
2-part epoxy glue
Makeup sponge
Knitting needle or needle tool
Sanding block


Carefully open soda cans with scissors and flatten

Cut 6 petals from soda cans using the #3 heart (with #1 being the smallest), 5 petals from the #2 heart and one flower from Jewels Flower and Flourishes with the Artisan X-plorer™ machine.

Spray paint the 6 hearts your main color, paint 5 hearts your accent color and spray the jewels flower off white.  Allow all to dry

Lightly sand edges of petals to distress
Ink edges with brown ink using a make-up sponge

Curl top of hearts backwards with needle tool
Curl bottom forwards with pencil
Cut small angle snips into bottom of heart (see diagram)
Bend sides towards center to give a little more shape to the flowers.
Place two tacky dots together and arrange larger hearts clockwise to form large flower. Repeat same process with smaller hearts.  Arrange flower petals into a pleasing form and shape if necessary.

Attach smaller flower to inside of larger flower with 2 part epoxy glue.

Attach jewel flower to inside of smaller flower with 2 part epoxy glue.

Glue brooch to center of flower with 2-part epoxy.

Gather embellishments and arrange flowers, lace and other embellishments as desired onto your main base (i.e., book, frame, etc) and secure in place with glue

Your creativity is limitless - Explore Beyond™!

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