Thursday, November 14, 2013

We named them Hilda and Matilda- Dressforms from scratch

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My very creative cousin Kelly came from California to visit me  last week.  Our Mom's are sisters. You can really tell that we come from the same family because our personalities and things we like are so similar, yet we each possess our own different perspective, which I LOVE! (I happen to love dragonflies and her...not so much )  It was so awesome(sauce) to have her around to create with and to bounce ideas off of.

Kelly's specialty is creating jewelry from vintage china and stoneware. And being that she does a number of vintage markets in the southern California area she wanted to learn how to create some dressform displays.  Check our her Tularosa Vintage facebook page.

We created Hilda and Mathilda completely from scratch using a recycled armature, chicken wire and home-made paper mache.  We covered them with tissue from vintage patterns from my Mom's collection - which I think makes them extra special.  (Hilda is on the left and Mathilda is on the right).   We laughed as we gave them personalities and even joked that if we lived closer we would open up a shop called Hilda and Mathilda.

We made the most of our 5 days together with some junkin at Phoena's Vintage Market in Billings, MO, an awesome garage sale and tons of time in the studio creating jewelry using a variety of metal working techniques.

We soldered, and rusted and dapped and hammered and most of all laughed until the wee hours of the morning!

And we finished up her visit with a journey to our favorite Tea Room - Spring Creek Tea room in Ozark.

"Hilda" loves bicycles - I think she only has about 300 or so....give or take a few and this one caught her eye.

Time with family is so precious - especially since we get so little time to spend together living so far apart.  I really hated sending her back home.

Keep checking back - I've created so much jewelry that I'll be posting more frequently.
Keep livin' the creative life!

Linda (aka Mathilda - do I really look like a Mathilda?)

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