Friday, September 21, 2007

Coffee with Carol - The Carol Duvall Show is back!

One of the things my Mom always looked forward to in the morning was sipping her coffee and watching the Carol Duvall show. I always knew when one of my segments aired because she'd give me a call and say...YOU'RE ON!

Then the day came when HGTV decided to no longer run Carol's show. This really upset my Mom and Im sure lots of other loyal viewers too! She said her mornings just weren't the same. Well, evidently HGTV took note of that and listened to all of you viewers, because now she's back - every morning at 7:30am. I'm so glad they did. I get to enjoy seeing my crafty friends again in the morning. What a way to start the day...Coffee and Crafts!


Anonymous said...

Are these new episodes or just re-runs ? What is Carol doing now. I miss the show. If Carol is unavailable they should find a new host and continue the show (maybe her daughter-in-law)

Linda Peterson Designs said...

These are all re-runs of previous shows. Carol is no longer taping new segments. I agree that there is a big void in craft shows without Carol. I know that Carol has been busy this year with her new book on papercrafting. Keep checking back, I will be putting new video segments on my website and blog in the near future featuring a variety of craft projects, tips and how to's.

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