Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Say it isnt so?!?!?!?!?.......................................... Were cows really the craze back in the late 80's - early 90's? I'm afraid they were.

Katie Hacker and I were talking over dinner a few weeks back about our early beginnings. Be sure to check out her story on her blog.

It's true, mine started with a bunch of t-shirts with Cows and watermelons painted on them (or pigs and watermelons if that was more your type) and sold at craft shows all over Missouri. Now don't laugh.... they were QUITE the fashion statement of their time. Not only for our wardrobe...but also for home decor' as well. It seems that everything had the black and white spotted cow theme - towels, canisters in the kitchen... you name it. (I didn't go that far really -but I did have a chicken and hay border in the kitchen).

I began my humble beginnings painting this design on t-shirts. Unfortunately - or maybe fortunately none of those are still around for me to photograph for you today, but I did happen to run across this picture of a chalk drawing I drew in the children's play room at the hospital during one of Mariah's hospital stays. It's a good replica of what the shirts looked like.
So picture this cow and a few of her friends holding watermelons on your t-shirt. (Lovely...) Well....we just cant stop there, we must accessorize....and what's a t-shirt without a pair of matching earrings???? Yep - you guessed it...the same "head" you see on that cow were made into FIMO polymer clay earrings! And I sold them by the herd.!! Couldn't make them fast enough.
What??? You say... Cows are not your animal of choice??? You like...Pigs???? Well...we had those as well - exchange the cows for pigs and you have your very own Pig and Watermelon ensemble complete with matching earrings. (I also painted this design on kids onsies - but they had matching socks and tennis shoes).

I was kind of cheap back then. I was determined that I was only going to buy two colors of Fimo -White and Pink. Then, I splurged and bought black. I painted the spots and the eyes on the earrings and each was fashioned with a bow on it's head. In time I got tired of pink bows so I bought another color of Fimo and another color...and another.... and then one day...

My aunt came to visit and so I thought -"I'll make her a gift. I bet I could try to make character dolls with this stuff". And I did. I made five of them. (Those are the ones I need to get to mom's house to photograph - I would describe them as "a face only a mother could love..."). I had so much fun making those dolls and characters, that the very next craft show, we sold out of all of our wearables and went into making Fimo clay dolls and miniatures.

So....long story short....if it hadn't been for Mariah being sick in the hospital....and me doing crafts in the hospital for therapy....and the nurses who would buy all my stuff and tell me to do craft shows.....then actually doing craft shows....and on and on and on..... I dont know if I'd be where Im at today.....
It's amazing where I've come from....and how far I've progressed. The best thing about it is, it's been an incredible journey and I've met some pretty incredibly talented and creative moooooooooover's and shaker's in the craft industry. (sorry for the bad pun I know)
Gone are the days of cow and pig earrings, now I'm into creating classy upscale jewelry and home decor with polymer clay and other mixed media. Check out my book - Bead Techniques and please post a comment and share your funny story....


Katie Hacker said...

Hi Linda. Love this post! And wait til you see my next then & now. You won't believe it!

Linda Peterson Designs said...

I can't wait to see it!! I'll keep checking back!

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