Friday, September 21, 2007

Only a week to soak it all in.................

The whole reason I went to London was to do the photo shoot for my new book, "Making Beads in Polymer Clay". It's not my first book, but it is the first book that I've worked so closely with an editor and a photographer. It really was quite an education. Even though I did the Project of the Month Club for years, I learned ways to take much better pictures, the art of bouncing light and the biggest thing....what takes just a few minutes to complete, can take as much as 25 photos to decribe.

My editor Marie was outstanding. She flew in from France near the French cool huh? She lives there during the school year and in England over the summer. That is just amazing to me. I really enjoyed getting to know her over the week. Turns out her daughter loves jewelry and making things so I sent her home with some of my extra supplies.

Geoff my photographer was generous at sharing his knowledge of photography with me, teaching me how to make some of his high-tech light bouncing tools and took amazing photos. You should check out some of his photography work at By the end of the week, I was anxious to use some of my new photography skills....and he was caning skinner blend leaves!

Here I am with Geoff and Marie just after taking our last picture for the book. That was a bitter-sweet moment.

Mark, who was our photography assistant and master of photoshop taught me how to read histograms and several of the tricks in photo editing. THANKS MARK!

Now it's time for clean up and off to a nice dinner at a turkish restaurant called Turquoise.

I cant forget the girls night out I had with my new friends from Cico, Liz, Harri and Sally! We had a great time, laughing, talking, comparing words..... They said they loved my "southern drawl" and of course I loved there British accents. We ate dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Wagamama. That is just so fun to say.... Wagamama... I dont know what I had ...other than it was #44 on the menu and it was delicious. You get a great view of the "EYE" and of St. Pauls Cathedral from this area. A great big thanks to the whole team at CICO for such a wonderful experience.

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