Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Pink Elephants..... about yesterday's post

Im sure you are going "Say WHAT"? It's a case of I know what I mean....but no one else does. Sometimes..I don't explain myself very clearly.

I talked with my good friend and very talented designer friend Jen today on the phone....we had a good laugh about yesterdays blog. See...the point of my blog post yesterday was look beyond the materials you use for creating and use those for something other than what it's really purposed for. (you know like the ball necklace chain to create the letter "E" or the hands of a clock to spell out another letter..." I got it...you probably got it, but Jen just thought she was supposed to stare at the picture until little pink elephants popped out. Sorry I dissappointed her,(or you...in case you were expecting to see something pop out) but we did have a good laugh and we did share some great ideas on what we are currently working on.

Its amazing, we live 14 hours apart and over the last few months, became somewhat disconnected with each other when life and family and summer got in the way...seems like whenever a few weeks goes by and we call or email to catch up - our minds are working on the same concepts. Scarey Scarey thought - for her that is...for me it's brilliant because she is a brilliant out of the box designer. We're both coming up with new ways to use Friendly plastic to create the effect dichroic and lampwork glass beads. When the idea is perfected...I'll share it on a tutorial.

Well...anyways...enough of my rambling on....to sum it up in a nutshell....think basic shapes. Okay..done with that story....Im tired....

It's been an interesting day.....the dog ate my power cord to the computer, so it died........(seriously)
but I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of ebay items and who knows what else?

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Jen Lowe said...

I am still LOL over this one! Seriously - I thought it was one of those pictures where you squint your eyes and something else comes into view - like Mona Lisa....or pink elephants! I think I injured myself squinting so hard!!!

Ah! a good laugh is always good for the soul!!! I'm off to share today with a cancer survivor friend - but tomorrow - friendly plastic!!!

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