Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Soul Project - Week 1 - Soul Inspiration + FREE Digital Download

My weekly inspiration board 

I always find tons and tons of inspiration on Pinterest.  Do a search for the word "SOUL" and lots of goodies will come up.  

This week these are some of the things that inspired me for different reasons.  I love Christy Tomlinson's work because it is always sooo cheerful and her colors are bright happy colors.  I love Suzi Blu's work for her whimsical pretty faces {{and by the way her online classes are wonderful}}And I gathered pictures I liked for color and texture and phrases...

I keep all kinds of things in a binder too, tear sheets from magazines, photos from the internet.  I surround myself with these things and then decide what it is I like about each of these pieces.  Is it the color? the texture? Then I set a theme....and take those bits and pieces of inspiration and arrange them into a new piece of art.    

To get my creative process started, sometimes, I create a page with these things in my art journal.

Here's the first page in my art journal....You can see that I've been inspired by Suzi Blue and her Faries Class - love love love it!  Especially since it gave me the springboard from which to work from.

It's not that pretty of a page YET....and I'm sure that I'll add texture and layers...but it's a start and it's full of all the things I love at this given moment....

Things I treasure are on this page.....some of them are just words describing them.

I literally spent like 30 glorious minutes on this page...I wasn't concerned about composition, just cutt'n and pastin'....and jammin to 70's disco....

I'm using the above inspiration board to create a Pretty Girl Canvas that i'll photograph and also put in the journal.....it's in the process...so check back later to see how it develops...even I don't even know yet.

  Create your own paint spritzer thingy by mixing water and paint and put into a spray bottle.
   Create your own foam stamps with craft foam
  Ordinary notebook papers make great backgrounds and journal areas

Download this digital version by clicking on the photo - right click and "save picture as"

Please share with me your pages - I'd love to highlight them here!

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