Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pinata inks...versus Adirondak Alcohol ink

In my opinion....and I think Jen's too we find that there are some little minor differences when working with Pinata ink versus Adirondak Alcohol Ink. The most noticable difference is the color pallette. The Pinata inks are much more bright and vibrant and lend themselves to jewel tones while the adirondak inks are more muted, antique'y (is that a word?) and more grungy...both are nice...
Another minor difference is the flow.....Pinata's do tend to be a little more pigmented and saturated meaning they are ever so slightly thicker. None the less they are both great choices for alot of fun with friendly plastic.
Read on as Jen continues her fun!

Even more fun! This is a combination of Jana's spash technique, Liz's straw, but with Pinata inks, and 70% rubbing alcohol.

And this is with a paintbrush:

But what I like is finding my "favorite spot" on each piece, cutting it out and melting it into a Patera finding:

Or into and old K&Company finding:

Endless possibilities and no matter how hard you try - I really don't think you can duplicate your piece!


Anonymous said...

Hi! How did you melt your Pinata art/drawing into melting it into a Patera finding?

Thank You!!
Louisville, KY

LP Design Team said...

We melted the plastic with a heat gun, and used the pendant as a cutter to get just the exact shape. Allowed the plastic to cool and harden again. Cut it out with scissors. Dropped it into the pendant black and reheated it.

I hope this helps!! Thanks for the question!

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