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As I write this post, Im awaiting the arrival of a major winter storm! Happens every year at this time, but in the past, I've been at the CHA sorry to say...I've avoided most of them...not's gonna happen! Regardless of the mucho frio temperature outside....The Arts and Crafts industry remains hotter than ever!

Last Tuesday, the production staff of When Creativity Knocks with Anna and Megan Arujo and I, taped a 3 minute segment using AMACO's newest product - Cloud Clay featuring the pasta machine. This segment will be available to view on the WCK website beginning February 12th - so cast your vote for us!! Check out their website for details!

As for as trends - there was a big trend towards food crafts! Scrapbooking papers featured fun food designs, diecuts in cupcake and party food shapes. ProvoCraft debuted a fondant cutter - very similar to their current Cricut machine. You'll be seeing whimsical food themes all the way from die cuts to jewelry charms. I guess this means I should cook??? Hmmmm...maybe I'll cook up some "chocolate" friendly plastic candy treats- whaddya say?

In Amaco's booth, Designers Michelle Zimmerman and Helen Bradley featured foodcrafts of their own as they created fun cupcakes in all sizes from Amaco's newest product release - Cloud Clay! This clay is soooooo light an airy - and when dry - well you honestly just can't take your hands off of it! For kids - it's like a "party in a package".

Initially it feels like a squishy stress ball but as it dries it becomes bouncy. Available in 7 colors with black and chocolate brown on their way! Air Dries fully in 24 hours.

For kid-friendly Project's featuring this brand new clay by designer Michelle Zimmerman - see the latest issue of Pack-O-Fun magazine on your newstands now!

ATTN: Teachers, Camp Coordinators, Art Instructors, Girl and Boy Scout Troop leaders - Cloud Clay will have a blog and educational/social network center all its own soon! So keep checking back!

Beading and jewelry making seem to be an ever growing category. Designers such as Katie Hacker (Katiedids) , Jill MacKay (Jill MacKay Collection) debuted their new signature lines. As always jewelry making remains popular and is a less expensive way to accessorize and dress up your fashions without alot of added it's fun too!

Vintage styles are very popular in the jewelry category with a real comeback for charms - but in beautiful sophisticated finishes. Chunky and bold are also popular with a touch of bling too!

In the Amaco booth, Jana continued her fracture and fusion series, Jen Lowe demonstrated a huge variety of techniques from metal reposse, diecutting ArtEmboss and Friendly Plastic and more. I demonstrated just how versatile Friendly Plastic pellets are, using embossing powders and Krafty Lady Molds to create vintage buttons. Simply sew these buttons onto elastic and viola! a bracelet in no time!

My latest book "Beading In No Time" by Cico Books was released. It's 178 pages of creative jewelry ranging from beginner to intermediate skill levels...and I am happy to say that YES! It does have some Friendly Plastic projects in it...along with a host of others! Click here for more Info


Inspired at Home held a live pajama party as well as a live radiocast of the show. Get all the details on their website:

A couple of fellow "Carol Duvall show family members" - Kelly Ehrlich-producer of the Carol Duvall Show and Karen Thomas- Origami QUEEN!


CHA is really an overwhelming collection of creative talent! High five to the hundreds of designers who frantically worked long hours into the night to make this event successful for all the exhibitors in attendance!

I have some very exciting news for all you Carol Duvall Viewers - SHE'S COMING BACK! Yes, there is a big plan to get Carol back on the air, details which I will share later. However,we need your help! Please email this address: and let Carol know just how much you miss her! Let's go viral with this email address - so please share it with your friends!

Had to schmooze a little with Suze Weinburg together with my friend Jen Lowe


Coming up in the next couple of days - a new FPTV video featuring pellets and molds. You wont want to miss it!

Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

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