Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's back to work Monday!

I know I've been quiet lately....with good reason....Im recovering from surgery! But...there's good news, while Im not fully recovered and wont be for a few months...I am able to get back into the studio and do a few things each day to create! YEAH!!!!!

We've also had a major snow storm (major for the ozarks) and sub zero temps which has prevented me from getting back to the studio. I think by now my mom and dad are ready to reclaim their house with what crafting materials I did bring over and have some peace and quiet at night!

That means next week my first priority is the 2010 edition of the POMS!! I do get excited over creating these little characters and hopefully this year I can keep up better with the blog and better at inspiring you.

So...if you have any suggestions - please let me know. I love requests and the more input from you the better the club will be.

Also, for 2009 pom club members, please get on the blog and make sure you have all the 2009 downloads - downloaded and saved onto a diskette. I will be taking these off my server around the 20th of the month to open space for this years projects.

I will only be offering the one POM club this year which is the whimsical characters. That way I can devote more time to magazine commitments and other projects I am working on and still make those adorable little guys!

I will also be formatting the POMs a little differently than last year. While last year was more "book formatted" I had several concerns about the amount of ink it would take to print them. I do understand that ink is expensive and having to constantly refill your printers is a pain in the the format will be somewhere in between last years large photos with the previous poms that were on a one page format. I still want to be able to get you great pictures so you can see what is going on.

I did send out notices to those members whos membership expires this please if you wish to join email me and I will send out an invoice for $40 - same as last year.

I'll be sending those invoices tomorrow.

Soooooo....thanks for being patient with me while I recoup from surgery....if you've placed an order for FP pellets, they will be shipped this week!!!!

Okay..that's all for the up ba de badeep...THATS ALL FOLKS!

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