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Friendly Plastic Stamped Pendant Project Instructions from Cool2Craft WebTV show

First of all...let me give a shout out to everyone who attended Monday's Cool2Craft live webtv season kickoff! This is also the first day of National Craft Month!Tiffany Windsor, host of Cool2Craft live is on a quest for 1 MILLION people who think it's cool 2 craft!!! Get all the details by clicking on their link above.

Thanks also to all the fans of this blog who joined us on Cool2Craft live for my Friendly Plastic demo which was a success!!! If you missed it....don't worry - you can watch the archived show tomorrow on the website. Even if you did see it, make sure to go back and rewatch it to pick up some extra tips and pointers.

I've had a lot of response today wanting the written instruction to today's project so here goes:


  • * Friendly Plastic - Gold Metallic Matte stick
  • * ArtEmboss - Copper Medium
  • * WireForm - Thin brass rods
  • * Copper craft wire - 24 gauge
  • * Rub N Buff - Gold Leaf
  • * Lumiere Paint - I used violet and a blue - you can use any color of choice
  • * Clear rubber stamp with a deeply etched design
  • * Make up sponge applicators
  • * Petroleum Jelly
  • * Pancake griddle or heat gun - (I purchased a small one at Kohls. Larger ones are available at Walmart)
  • * Non-stick cookie sheet (little gold pans from Bed Bath & Beyond in the toaster oven section about $7.00)
  • * Ball ping hammer
  • * Scissors
  • * Anvil
  • * 1/16" hole punch
  • * Wire cutters/pliers
  • * 24 gauge gold craft wire (optional)
  • * Miscellaneous findings such as small gears, washers etc
  • * Double stick tape
  • * E-6000 glue
  • * Bowl of cold water
  • * Paper towels
  • * Hot pad
  • * Black Leather Cording (beadalon)
  • * Toggles of choice
  • * Metal File
  • (c) 2009 Linda Peterson Designs

  • * Cut a square of Friendly Plastic. Randomly daub Lumiere paint on top to alter the color of the surface leaving a little of the natural gold color showing thru.
  • * Set griddle temperature to approximately 200 degrees
  • * Place plastic onto non-stick sheet and set on griddle (If the plastic bubbles it is too hot, turn down a few degrees)
  • * Allow plastic to soften. You will know when it is soft enough if your fingers create a print in the plastic.
  • * Remove cookie sheet from heat, coat stamp with petroleum jelly and press stamp into plastic to create an impression. If stamp sticks to the plastic, simply place the cookie sheet in cold water allowing the plastic to harden and peel off the stamp.
  • * Daub raised areas with a touch of Rub N Buff.
  • * Cut plastic to the desired size of a rectangle/square.
  • * Cut a piece of Artemboss Copper slightly larger than Friendly Plastic piece. Hammer the copper to create dents. Smooth rough edges with a metal file if needed.
  • * Punch two holes in the top of pendant.
  • * Cut off a piece of brass rod approximately 1 1/2" long. Hammer flat. File edges smooth if necessary.
  • * Wrap a piece of copper wire thru the hole. Twist to secure and trim off excess. Wrap the remaining wire around the brass rod, create a loop and then thread back thru the opposite hole. Twist wire to secure and trim off excess.
  • * Use double stick tape to secure your Friendly Plastic focal piece in the center of the copper back.
  • * Attach found objects with E-6000 glue and allow to dry.
  • * String on desired cording. I used a black leather cording. Attach toggles.
Friendly Plastic, ArtEmboss Copper, Wireform Brass Rods and Copper Craft Wire are all available through Amaco's website at:

Also Ann Butler of CREATIVITY STIRS THE SOUL shared a no-bake polymer clay postcard project

Check out her blog for the step by step instructions!
Now - please join Tiffany Windsor and myself on a quest to find 1 million crafters who think it's COOL2CRAFT! visit the website for details!

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