Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Entangled in Zentangle and Friendly Plastic

"ZENTANGLE".....that name is fun to say!  But what is it?  Well....that's what I wanted to know when I listened into last Sunday's Inspired at Home Radio show.  Suzanne McNeill of Design Originals was a guest speaking about two of her latest books on that very subject.

Simply put..Zentangle is a higher form of doodle art!  It's perfect for those of you who tell me that you dont have a creative bone in your body or for those of you who say you can't draw.  But it does involve a bit more than that. It involves the whole creative process of sinking yourself into creativity and just letting your thoughts flow.  It's a huge stress reliever and requires no thought process.  It's done in pen and ink - so there are no mistakes and no erasing.  It's a journey thru know  - life, when you make mistakes, want to erase them but you can't so you find another way around the obstacle....that kind of thought process.  It's discovery....

So....after the show I went to Design Originals website and ordered both books.  Being the impatient person that I am (and Im working on that....) I didnt want to wait for the books to arrive...I wanted to dive in!  So I did.  And naturally I can I combine this process of Zentangle ....with Friendly Plastic...

I struggled with a few ideas, made alot of mistakes and had some not so happy flops...but the journey led me to this...and while it may not be true was a creative process that I will be developing as the days go by........

 This is a bead that I made with Friendly Plastic sticks and pellets combined.  And it was loads of fun...not a quick process but it was a fun discovery.

Next, I decided to keep the plastic flat, rather than develop it into a bead.  This design was inspired by Moorcroft Pottery and a trip I took to their factory back in April 2008.

Details on how to create Zentangled beads will be featured in our next FPTV video - which will be taped tomorrow and hopefully live on Friday.

In the meantime, you can listen to the archived Inspired at home radio show by clicking here.

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Now.....get entagled in Zentangle!!!
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panda said...

Thank you Linda, for spreading the word on Zentangle ....your bead is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Linda that is FANTASTIC! I love it. Can't wait to see your Zentangle video. Just got back from Stitches at the NEC and my trip to Hong Kong, so your inspirational bead will get me going again.

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