Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1 Million Viewers

One of my "many"....ever growing list of goals I have for this year was to get out and promote myself and the craft industry more!  I really enjoy what I do for a living and I do enjoy sharing it with others.  More specifically, what I enjoy the most is the AH HAH moments I see in other faces when they create something from nothing. 

It's sweetness to my soul to see how much happiness and fullfillment crafts can bring to others lives.

Recently my friend Tiffany Windsor of Inspired at Home and Cool 2 Craft put out a call for 1 MILLION people who think it's cool to craft.  And really that got me to think.....it IS COOL TO CRAFT!  IM STINKIN PROUD TO BE A CRAFTER!!!!

For a while now there's been a stigma about "crafters" not being artists....and I say...blah blah blah....I do consider myself an artist....and I consider myself a crafter.  At times...I craft...at times I make unique art.  Im proud of both...but Im not uppidy about being an artist or look down on anyones skill level just because they are a beginner...or use certain materials or aren't as creative as someone else.  I've really learned to appreciate individual talents and effort! Hey we all have to starts somewhere!  EFFORT!! JUMP IN AND TRY!! and share! Be proud that you at least unleashed some stress and channeled it positively into some sort of expressive artform.

With that...I ask you to become part of the ONE MILLION VIEWERS WHO THINK ITS COOL TO CRAFT...that includes all forms of artistic expression..young and old, beginner to advanced, skilled...unskilled...and those with disabilities.

The 90's and 2000's were blessed with a variety of crafting TV shows that helped get us all inspired.  For whatever reason why, those networks have dropped them and left all of us hanging....by a thread.....and turned their attention to home decor shows and watching people buy houses shows.  If you want to see craft shows back on TV you have to raise your voice and be heard.

SIMPLY PUT - We need more viewers on our web based internet shows.  These numbers show the networks that there is an audience out there.

Tiffany Windsor, a long time designer and tv producer in the craft industry has launched Cool2Craft.  A weekly web based Craft TV LIVE interactive show.  It airs each Monday at 12 noon eastern time.  I am proud to be a supporter of Tiffany's efforts and commend all the hard work she puts into producing these shows on a weekly basis.   It's my pleasure to be on this show as a featured guest as well as host the monthly Friendly Plastic TV show.

Tiffany and I are working together to create a forum of live interactive classes - the first ever of this type.  We are hoping to launch this May 20th. 

If you havent already done so, subscribe to our blogs to keep up to date with the latest information about this.

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