Friday, April 30, 2010

FRIENDLY PLASTIC TV- New Show - Alcohol Ink and Friendly Plastic Spring Fling Earrings

I thought this month I would make a video based on my recent demo on Cool2Craft Live last Monday.

Alcohol inks are one of the most versatile mediums I own.  The way their colors dance on the Friendly Plastic really gives you lots of opportunities to create customized sticks and sparks the creative juices!  That's a good thing huh???

After I uploaded the video, I realized that I didnt give finishing instructions to the earrings. OOPS!

Attach jump rings into each of the holes.  Attach an earring wire to one of the jump rings.  You can add beads to the earring wire if desired.

I also attached a swarovski crystal danglie to the opposite end.  I like movement and the crystal I think adds a nice touch.

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