Saturday, February 9, 2008

On my way to CHA....

I love flying west, love the two hour time difference! It's like I get to relive those two hours again!

The morning started off like any other early morning flight. Didn't want to get out of bed, but definately didnt want to stay home either.

The first flight was just that...a bunch of people riding a flying bus in the sky. I barely made my connection and was one of the last few on the very packed out plane.

The lady in the seat behind me commented on my "shredded carrot" jacket (more on this story later) the flight attendant wanted to take a picture of it and a friend of mine KIM yelled LINDA!!!

The lady behind me was named Terry, and she was from Texas. She was a fine artist - oh the amazing equine art she painted was breath-taking - and she was invited by Suzanne McNeill of Design Originals to come to CHA to demonstrate in her booth. It was a very nice conversation and the time began to really fly by as she was asking me to describe CHA since she had never been before.

I describe it like this: Try drinking from a fire hydrant without spilling a drop! Crafty eye candylicious goodness is everywhere!!

A little later in the flight Kim came to sit next to me so we could visit. About that time the "beverage service" was coming by us. I had my choice - Dr. Pepper and Kim chose Orange juice.

We had the cutest, nicest flight attendant in a LONG time. Just a lovely lady who loved creative things......and she noticed that she put ice in Kim's Orange juice. Then she looked at Kim and said..."oh Sorry - I made that wrong" to which I said...."I think you might have forgotten the vodka". With that, she looked at us...and slipped us two little bottles of SKY vodka. Now I don't know about you...but I have never had vodka in my Dr. Pepper before.'s not bad.... and it surenice and relaxing too not to mention giving us the giggles.. (The poor guy sitting next to us - I think we mortified him, he didnt say a word and just kept his nose in his book).

Later on after the "beverage service" was finished, I walked to the back of the plane and talked with our sweet Red-headed flight attendant for the rest of the flight. It's the first time that I've stood up for the majority of the flight and it was nice!

The flight went by in a blink. I would definately was a great start to a great week! Wouldn't you?

Today - I have a class and seminar to teach...I'll be so glad when that is behind me.


Susie said...

Hi Linda,

I am not sure you will remember me, but it was great meeting you at CHA on Sunday. I was the one inquiring about the #8 bead rollers, which I did end up ordering off the AMACO site. Thanks again so much for sharing your experiences with me. Susie Q

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda! It was great seeing you again! What a great way to start off CHA!

Best of luck with your book!


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