Sunday, March 27, 2011

Metalwork Jewelry Released!!

I am so excited to announce the release of my latest book - Metalwork Jewelry!! It's 136 pages of metal jewelry fun!! 35 projects and loads of techniques along with step by step photographs guiding you along.

Oh the fun I had with designing these projects!

Metal jewelry is so fashionable! And, did you know that metal jewelry is relatively simple to make? I guide you thru a progression of techniques that will have you making your own metal jewelry in no time! You'll learn how to use ordinary scrapbook embellishments to create a vintage style necklace and advance your skills to learn basic soldering, metal working, dapping, stamping and more. From classic designs to those inspired by steampunk, I'm sure you'll find a style that suits your personality.

Order my Metalwork Jewelry book today - shipping is included and I'll sign it too!!

Orders are shipped via priority mail -
USA addresses - $24.95 postage paid
International including Canada - $40 postage paid

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