Monday, March 18, 2013

Polymer Clay -Springtime Bunny and Bear

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I started my creative career in polymer clay and even though I work in a variety of mediums now, I love going back to my roots!

I've been asked by several recently to create more polymer clay characters .  So with spring around the corner, I sat down in my studio last week and created this Spring Bunny and Bear clay figurine.  I've always been drawn to pastel colors, actually colors in general.  These little creations are so bright, whimsical and cheerful.  They really put a sparkle in my day.

For this little sculpture I used Fimo Soft polymer clay.  I like that the has a semi-firm texture which allows me to capture details, but is not so stiff that I can't move the clay around with my clay shaper. It's a very durable clay that has a slight flex to it so it can hold up for years to come and become a little keepsale.   I don't like to use molds because I like to give each little animal their own unique personality.

I've also been brushing up on my skills because I'm determined to make and decorate a baby shower cake here really soon.  How cute would this be in fondant and gum paste?

A little up-close look at the face

and her adorable beary cute friend...

SOLD - but feel free to custom order :)

The figurine is from my Mariah's Collection line of figurines.  One of a kind.  It measures approximately 3" tall and has as you can see lots of detail.

So if you're interested in giving this figurine a forever home....please click the buy now button and I'll send it to you :)

** UPDATE**  The bunny has found a new home!! Thank you Jenny C!


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Thanks for looking!  Happy Spring!

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