Monday, February 9, 2009

A Look Into My Tool Box

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is... what tools and materials do I use.
So here it is... a look into my Tool Box.

Here are a few of my favorite Friendly Plastic tools.

For Cutting: quilters cutting mat, quilters clear acrylic ruler, a mat knife (or utility knife) and a pair of scissors

For Heating and Softening: Griddle and a heat gun. oops... forgot to photo the heat gun.

Non-stick surfaces: Nordic Wear baking pans and flexible silicone baking sheets (cut to project size).

Creating Swirls and Marbling: The Needle Tool and the Marbling Comb.

Cutters: Cookie cutters, craft cutters, clay cutters.

Craft Knife:

There you have it … my favorite tools to use.

There are so many unique and fascinating tool out there that can be used with Friendly Plastic, I hope you discover a few of your own.

If you follow the tool box link above it will take you to my website for more detailed information.


rarelizzie said...

Ok Jana, how come all your tools look so clean and tidy? Mine are always so messy!

Jana Ewy said...

The truth is... I keep a separate set of tools just for photos. Trust me the tools I use everyday are not fit for viewing. Nor is the room I work in. I would love to have a studio... that word sounds so glamours. The truth is I have a work room that is a chaotic mess, yet somehow I seem to be productive in there.

Linda Peterson Designs said...

I think Jana should post a picture of her craft room...mess and all.......

Barbara Lees said...

Is the griddle like a frying pan, with no water - it is just hot? And then on top of that you have another pan?

Would a hot plate heater, that they use to keep food warm, that can be regulated, would that be the same?

All the best - this Blog is great!

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Barb - We use a griddle with a non-stick cookie pan placed on top (no water). The griddle heats the pan. We can design the plastic, then remove the non-stick cookie pan and place it in cold water. I don't know if a hot plate with a non-stick pan on top would work because the heat may or may not spread evenly and also i would be afraid of burning yourself. I keep my griddle on just under 200 degrees when working with sticks and around 200-250 when working with pellets. Hope this helps

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