Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where has craft tv gone? Will it ever come back?

I can't tell you how many emails I've gotten over the past several years and see the many facebook posts wondering where has craft tv gone? In the good ole' 1980's we had wonderful shows such as ABC's The Home Show - which I watched like clockwork every day - on the phone with my girlfriend. I loved every aspect of the show - especially Carol Duvall's craft segments. Then as "WE" finally came into "cool" and had cable installed, I got the TNN Network which featured Aleene's Creative Living and then HGTV appeared with The Carol Duvall Show. Both of those shows ran for years, inspiring us to create and decorate our homes and then all of a sudden...POOF! They're gone! What in the heck happened?

I wish I had a definitive answer to give to all of you. I feel as if we've been dumped off...yes all 80 million of us viewers...left to hang in the balance, dangling and waiting but unfortunately, it will be a long wait, and it's sad that the networks do not see the value in bringing back Creative TV anytime in the near future or at

is craft TV dead? NO! NO! NO!'s just taken on a different format....the INTERNET!!!

So if the networks won't do for us what we want...then we take it on ourselves to make it happen! ARE YOU WITH ME HERE? CRAFTING TV IS ALIVE AND KICKIN!

For the past year and a half, my creative girlfriends, Tiffany Windsor - Producer and Host of Aleene's Creative Living, Heidi Borchers - her equally talented sister and designer along with Creative Muse, Candace Jedrowicz and myself have teamed up to bring you a new crafting TV program EVERY MONDAY! - and NO RERUNS! - These are fresh, inspiring and a great way to start your week!

What's so much better about them you ask? Not only are they all NEW SHOWS each week, these shows run live continuously on each of our websites for viewing on your schedule - so no more having to set your DVR to record them. You can also view your favorite episodes on our youtube and blip channels. It's perfect for everyone's hectic schedule - CRAFT TV IS BACK and BETTER THAN EVER! In my humble opinion!

We also feature a newsletter with a recap of the show and access to all of our project instructions. So please take a moment to log on to and sign up for the newsletter and the monthly giveaways.

We invite you to join us every Monday at NOON eastern on and chat LIVE WITH US while watching the show. No traveling, stay home, stay comfy and have some creative girl chat to start your week on a positive note.

Our channel features 4 unique shows:

Cool2Craft - General Crafts and our Creative Muse Candace J

Inspired at Home with Tiffany Windsor - A creative Lifestyle show featuring crafts and creative ideas for your home

EcoHeidi - Heidi turns trash into treasure and does it in a way that is eco-friendly. She has some amazing ideas on how to craft and be kind to our environment at the same time

Livin' the Creative Life with Linda Peterson: My show combines lifestyle, home and family. I create to remember great family memories and many of my projects are designed to not only inspire you, give you great ideas for decorating, but to help you connect with the people that are most important to you - your FAMILY and Friends!

Shows rotate each week.

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