Monday, June 27, 2011

Sushi Night at the Peterson's with 9 year old Chef Julia

It's our summer week number 2 with the girls and this year they decided that they all want to take turns cooking one night while they're here. Julia decided she wanted to cook sushi. My first reaction was...HHHmmm...I don't know...that's quite an undertaking for a 9 year old. Last night though, she proved me WRONG! BIG TIME WRONG!!

I was shocked to learn that she googled " sushi", "how to make nigiri" and even watched a you tube video on how to make it....she was totally prepared for this.

Her menu was:
  • California Rolls featuring cucumber, crab meat and avocado
  • Julia Rolls - a specialty she thought up all on her own which featured crab meat, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado
  • "The Lion" Salmon nigiri and shashimi
  • "The Palm" Tuna nigiri and shashimi
  • Egg Drop Soup
Well...I couldn't pass an opportunity for a photo op...soo...Lights...CAMERA......COOK!

First you start off with the ingredients....

Next you make the rice - I think it's important that you have a really awesome 9 year old chef doing this....

Delicately place your ingredients for your roll....

Roll em up!.....

Cut the rolls and have a really cute Chef present them to the table!!!

And without further's the presentation she designed for the table...

I am BLOWN away!!! She did this for the most part by herself. We only helped her minimally.

I was just amazed at the effort, thought process and the googling she did to create such an amazing presentation...

I see lots of yumminess in her future!! GREAT JOB JUGIE!!

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