Thursday, September 22, 2011

iLovetoCreate and the Southern Women's Show

Dear Southern Women of Charlotte NC,

YOU ROCK!!!  I enjoyed the time I spent with each and every one of you!!! Thank you for sharing your joy of crafting, your life challenges, your girlfriend stories - you are all an amazing group of women!

Hope to see you again next year!
xo - Linda

I just returned home from the Southern Women's Show held in Charlotte, NC and WOW!  I was invited by iLovetoCreate to represent them along with my bff crafty sister Tiffany Windsor.  I'm still overwhelmed with the amazing response and the warm welcome we received at the show. 

The show was attended by 23,000 women and 4 men - yes I counted!! (let me just say this, the men that I met - well you all rock to because you were there supporting your ladies, patiently waiting as they visited our booth, carrying their bags )

It was the first time that the CHA sponsored a Craft Pavillion.  Many ladies knew we were there and made their way back to see us first.  Others found out as they made their way to the back and were thrilled to be be able to sit, relax and craft.

At time's we were 4 people deep running 8 make and takes.  While I showed how to design a silk scarf with Tulip Fabric Markers,

 Tiffany showed the ladies how to make a phone pouch from felt and the Aleene's brand of adhesives.

We heard comments like:

I'm not creative, but I can do this!
I can't believe I just did this!
This is awesome!
This is such a stress reliever!
I wish I had more time to create!
I'm going to invite my girlfriends over for drinks and crafting!
This would be great for my kids!
and more

Here's Beth with the scarf she designed.  She loved it so much she brought her daughter back on Sunday!

This Mom and Daughter duo sell their jewelry to make a little extra money.  Jesse sold so much jewelry in 2 weeks that she was able to buy a blackberry! Did I mention she's 14?  WOW!!
They had so much fun crafting together and you could tell that crafting was a big part of their life and really strengthed their mother/daughter bond.

The stories that these women shared with me of their triumphs, their struggles, their families will not be forgotten.  They were so relaxed when they were crafting and they opened up.

Of course we werent the only ones in the craft pavillion, there were also booths featuring quilting, knitting, papercrafts and more.

When Creativity Knocks featured a stage and live tapings of their show along with Make N Takes at their booth.

Their MITI's were very well attended as well. - so nice to see friends at the show!

It was so nice to be able to connect with the ladies who craft.  We really just wanted to show everyone that it is Cool2Craft!  I really enjoyed every minute of it and hope to be back next year!!

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