Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Image Transfers on Friendly Plastic - New Friendly Plastic TV How To Video

I receive lots of emails asking to do videos on a variety of techniques.  The most popular and to date the most challenging has been to create an image transfer to Friendly Plastic.  Because FP is so smooth, it's been difficult to transfer any image to the surface and get it to stick.  But, with this technique, a popular technique in transferring images to a variety of surfaces, we seemed to have solved this delimma. 
I really believe this will jump start your FP creativity and give you loads of new possibilities for your FP . Take notes and enjoy watching how to transfer images onto Friendly Plastic. Have you tried this technique before? What have you made using Friendly Plastic and this technique? Please leave me your comment below. Also remember you can "like" us on Facebook at Friendly Plastic too!

Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.

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cindy said...

Remembered when all you did was make bracelets w/friendly plastic. I love this idea for collage. I will definitely try it. Hope you do more videos w/ more ideas.

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