Thursday, February 23, 2012

Polymer Clay Beads and Inspiration on Create and Craft TV

What a week I've had.  I've just come home from the most amazing experience!  I LOVE MY JOB! I have the best job in the world! Making stuff for a living is fun - but being able to share my passion of crafts with all of you is even funner (is that even a word?) and meeting and making new friends is even better!  I'm on cloud 18 - which is way way way above cloud 9! (and over to the left a little)

Last Friday I had the privilege of being a guest presenter on Create and Craft TV a division of Ideal World located in Peterborough England.  

Alison and I had commented several times that we were *hoping* that Leonie would be my co-presenter for the show and I was so thrilled, delighted and honored that she said she was presenting my show!! Polymer clay is "her" thing! She loves it! (she loved it so much - she came in for the show the next day too! :) )

Here's a view from my set looking over to what's was currently on air.  The room has several sets in it.

Leonie and I had met briefly several years ago when I was demonstration beads at Stitches.  It was such a quick meeting though, I didn't know if she'd remember.

 We had a fab time!!  Here we are about to go on air! (No pressure - no pressure at all with *live* TV)

She is such a natural at what she does and she made the whole experience so exciting and enjoyable. Right now she has just introduced me on the show :)

Love this picture of her as it really captures her personality.  She really has a true connection with the viewers and I'm sure lots and lots of fans (can you say *starstruck* - I am, just a little!)

Here's a little snippit of the monitor in front of us.  The top screen shows what is *on air* and the bottom shows what's coming up next. :) (if I show up in the bottom screen - I know I need to smile and get ready!)

You would think that an hour would be a long time to be on air - but the reality is - it wasn't nearly enough time for everything I wanted to share and it just FLEW by.  I had so much more to say! :(

During the show I demonstrated how to use the pasta machine, bead rollers and other bead making tools to make a variety of beads like those shown below (which I pinched from Leonie's blog)

 The feed back from the show was great and everyone at the studio made it such a pleasure to be there!
They even re-ran the show!!  Hopefully I'll be back soon! 

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Karen said...

Hi Linda - it was an absolute joy watching you and Leonie. I've not used polymer clay very much but it was mainly to make figures. I think I've now caught the bug as your creations were gorgeous and I was fascinated to see you slicing through the clay layers to add to the beads. Wonderful!

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