Monday, May 14, 2012

How to make feather earrings and droplet dangles

Polka Dot Feather Earrings – How to make a droplet danglies

Look around, feathers are fashionable and trendy. In this step by step tutorial, Linda Peterson will show you how to make feather earrings using guinea feathers, chain and teardrop beads. Materials: Guinea feathers – any color (we purchased a hair clip with lots of feathers) Chain in length of choice Earring wire Jump rings Black tear drop beads in size of choice 24 gauge Artistic Wire in non-tarnish silver Jewelry Pliers Round Nose pliers Jewelry wire cutters
  1. Remove feather(s) from chain.  If using purchased feathers, attach a fold over crimp bead to the attach the feather
Slide a length of wire thru the whole on the teardrop bead Bend ends of wire upwards.  Hold the jewelry pliers where the bead and wire meet.  Twist wire. Place the round nose pliers at the base of the wire.  Wrap ends around wire to form a loop.  Finish by wrapping wire around the base to secure and trip excess wire. Attach feathers, chain and beaded dangle together with a jump ring. Attach ensemble to earring wire.

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