Monday, May 21, 2012

How to make Rock Star Earrings with Duct Tape

The possibilities are endless with the variety of Duct Tape® patterns and colors available. Linda Peterson, host of Creative Life TV shows you how to create fashion “rock star” earrings inspired by guitar picks. Add a words or other icons, sprinkle with a little glitter and you’re good to go! PS - your TWEENS are gonna love this! Materials: Duct tape (zebra print and silver) Plastic container such as from a peanut butter jar or cup Non-stick scissors Puffy Paint (we used neon pink) Glitter Glue silver Hole punch (1/16”) Earring wire Jump ring Create a guitar pick template on a piece of paper. (a triangle shape with rounded corners) 1. Apply duct tape to outside of jar. Cut out and apply to back side 2. Cut shape from template 3. Apply glitter glue and let dry. Punch hole for earring wire 4. Add any extra lettering or paint as desired and let dry. Attach earring wire.

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