Thursday, July 25, 2013

Handmade Embossed Soap + Free Tutorial

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My family thinks I've gone nuts!  I've been on an eco trip lately - wanting to make everything by hand - back to the good ole days.  I have pictures of my grandma working in the yard with her wringer washer and hanging laundry on the line to dry and recently I've done the same...minus the wringer washer.  I've never ever in my life hung clothes out to dry on a line until now....but I kinda like it.....a lot.  And it's at least 40 minutes of electricity I don't have to pay secretly I'm saving that money for more crafting supplies....see there is a motive to this madness - just don't tell my family.

Today in my facebook feed I ran across this tutorial from Crafts N Things for handmade soap.  I love the idea of this and I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE that they've used the Spellbinders(R) M-bossibilities folders to achieve the gorgeous embossed pattern.  The more I work with Spellbinders products, the more I fall in love with them everyday.  It's totally true.

I've used Life of the Party soap in the past and I can tell you it's easy -just a melt and pour kinda thing.
So have fun with this tutorial - you know what I'll be doing!

Click here for the tutorial

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