Monday, July 8, 2013

Mixed Media Monday - The STEAMPUNKED Necklace

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In this video, I show you how to create a Steampunk necklace. There is something about wheels and gears and little bitty parts that fascinate me!

If you give blocks of shapes to a baby, they will play for hours!  Truth be told, if you give me blocks and shapes to play with, you’ll keep me busy for hours too!  I had so much fun combining these bezel shapes with a collection of old watch parts that I’ve saved over the years.  I’d been saving a very special piece –an old pocketwatch – that I picked up at a flea market in Paris last year.  I am happy that it found a home in this delightful art pendant.  Yes, it’s a little over the top, but it is wearable!  And if big and bold isn’t quite your style, you can still accomplish a wow piece of jewelry by incorporating just one bezel and favorite finds.

 The Steampunk Art Necklace

Designed by Linda Peterson

Spellbinders Supplies:
MMM-001 Spellbinders® Artisan X-plorer™ Machine
MD1-002 Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Squares One Die
MB1-002S Susan Lenart Kazmer for Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Squares One-Silver bezel
MB2-004S Susan Lenart Kazmer for Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Triangles Three-Silver bezel
MP1-002 Susan Lenart Kazmer for Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Ephemera Papers Two

20 gauge steel annealed wire (available at hardware stores)
Air dry clay*
Acrylic paint – cream/off white color and brown
Face mold or other suitable mold of choice
Watch parts in a variety of sizes
Spinners (arrows)
Leather cording
Spiral end caps
Clasp or toggle
Tacky glue
Jewelry glue
Jewelry pliers
Wire cutters

* substitutes for air dry clay:  polymer clay, friendly plastic pellets, resin clay, fiber plaster can all be used in this project.  Follow manufacturers instructions for mixing and/or curing.
Cut a square using the #3 squares one die (with 1 being the smallest) from chosen ephemera paper. 

Roll air dry clay into ball and then press into desired mold.  Bend the mold to release and allow to dry slightly.  Paint and antique.  Glue a  few watch parts to the eye if desired.

Assemble all your parts together.  Mix and match parts into a pleasing arrangement. 

Attach bezels together by inserting a length of wire into the loop on one of the bezels.  Bend down and wrap end around base of loop.  Repeat to attach all the bezels together.

Glue paper into bezel.   Glue on face and additional watch parts where desired and allow to dry.

Cut three lengths of leather cording to the desired size.  Slip a spiral end cap over each end and press with pliers to secure. Attach toggle/clasp.

Create a spiral bail and attach to leather cording by twisting it on.  Attach pendant to spiral bail with jump ring.

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