Monday, May 12, 2014

How to sew a vintage fabric cuff bracelet - Easy sewing + video

Today I’m sharing a simple sewing project made with dies and bezels from the newest Spellbinders® line A Gilded Life.  I was going through my fabric stash, much of which I inherited from my Mom and found bits of lace.  I combined some of the bits of lace  with some scraps of muslin left over from another project to create this easy jewelry cuff with just a few stitches.  Broken bits of jewelry were the perfect  compliment.  Watch the video to see how I used the die to create a lace effect on the fabric.

Watch the video on youtube - click here

How to Sew a Vintage Style Romantic Cuff Bracelet

MMM-001 Spellbinders® Artisan X-plorer™ Machine
GLSB-003 Small Crown Bezel – Bronze by A Gilded Life
GLD-003 Crown Circle Die by A Gilded Life
GLLD-002 Imperial Border Die by A Gilded Life
Preferred Partner
My Fun Stampers Journey – Journey Glaze
Muslin fabric
Sewing needle
Tape measure
Optional supplies:  buttons, broken jewelry, pearl beads, charms, lace, small alphabet stamps, brooch pin back.
Measure your wrist and subtract 1” for your length.  Cut two pieces of fabric from muslin your length measurement by 1 1/2” wide for your bracelet base. (if your wrist measures 6”, cut your strip 5 x 1 1/2)

Cut a strip of lace/ribbon at least 2” longer than the Imperial Border die
Cut a piece of muslin using the Crown Circle Die and insert inside the Small Crown Bezel.

Cut a muslin fabric strip from the Imperial Border die.

Weave lace through the holes in the Imperial Border fabric die cut. 

Sew both bracelet base layers of muslin together approximately 1/4” inside the edge.

Stitch the woven lace piece to the top of the bracelet base. 

If desired, sew ruffled lace to the backside for extra dimension.

Gather the center of the bracelet with a running stitch.

Attach the bezel to the bracelet with stitches on either side.

Embellish the center of the bezel as desired and secure all embellishments with Journey Glaze. 

Stitch a button to each end of the bracelet for a finished look.

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