Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello from Michigan

Hello from Michigan!!! WOW it's cold outside!!! I'm taking a breather and thought I'd blog a bit about today's events. As I had mentioned before I worked with a great team of ladies and one guy training them on the In's and out's of working with AMACO's ArtEmboss Metals and WireForm mesh's. We also made some roses from Craft Porcelain. This material is not really porcelain at all, rather is an airdry clay that is easy to use, dries in about 24 hours to a porcelain like finish. It can be painted, watercolored, stamped, Rub N Buffed....nearly anything your imagination can think of. Check out my website for more information for tips and tricks in working with it. You can also order it from my website as well. This medium is a favorite among the Carol Duvall viewers and one of my most responded to shows. I also have project sheets from the show to give you a jump start.

Next we were off to a Glass and Art supply store...OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! What a treat - can you say...Dichroic?? in any color imagined...okay, so I dont do dichroic- YET!! But this shop sure did inspire me.!!! Full of supplies for working with PMC, textures galore- this shop was a treat - not so much for the credit said..OUCH!!! Then totally non-work related....we went to Burlington Coat Factory. We don' t have those in Southern Missouri - my kinda store. Can you believe I bought 3 handbags??? I've never bought three handbags at one time before. They really inspired me. I've noticed lots of RED expecially when wearing denim. I purchased a red handbag with plans on adding some decorative beaded handbag charms. (I think I'll go get those sassy red checked wedge shoes at Target that match!) The denim handbag will have a southwestern feel when I finish with it and the linen one...well I just plain needed a new handbag that goes with everything. I didnt spend over $16 for any of the handbags. I love being able to take something, add a little embellishment and call it a DESIGNER! Dont you?
Be sure to email me with your thoughts, creative ideas or share your designer creations!!!
Going back to warmer weather in the morning!!! long..... (and to my hubby Dana - handbags? what handbags? !) - guess he'll find out about the handbags tomorrow....ssshhhh!???

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