Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stone Effects....In Friendly Plastic? Is this for Real?

Hard to believe isn't it? At first glance you might think it's a wirewrapped stone....then again, you might perceive it as polymer clay.....but really IS Friendly Plastic!

Drawing from my background in polymer clay, last week I decided to have a What IF day? What if I mix in embossing powder....What if I add some gold leafing? What if...What if..What if!....

Because the properties of Friendly Plastic are the complete opposite for polymer clay the techniques needed some tweeking in order to get a similar result.

If you are like me......and want instant gratification...then Friendly Plastic is for you!
Because I really want to get the word out on Friendly Plastic Pellets, I'm extending my free offer for a 1 ounce sample pack of pellets. Just visit my Etsy store to order.
To learn how to work with the pellets, just click a the top of the blog to view our YouTube videos

1 comment:

Subriagirl said...

Simply beautiful Linda! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pieces!
Veronica Goff

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