Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tips for Friendly Plastic? Get them in!!

Over the past several months Jana Ewy has been compiling information for a Friendly Plastic Encyclopedia loaded with information specifically related to working Friendly Plastic. So....if you have a related tip that you've developed or found helpful, please send it in.

Jana writes:

I am making a last call for Friendly Plastic techniques. If you have a technique that you have developed and would like to have included in the FP E-cyclopedia, you better hurry. This Friday, the 26th is the last day. I am making the final edits and will have the Completed E-cyclopedia ready on the 4th of July. Yeah!!!!! Please send any additions to http://www.janaewy@yahoo.com.

Don't despair... if you don't make the deadline. I will be making updates every 6 months.
So in the meantime if you develope a technique or have tips and tricks to share, Please feel free to send them to me at the above address, and they will be included in the next revision.

As for techniques... all I am asking for is basic (general) how-to information, not a complete step by step guide. The designer of each technique will be acknowledged and credited for developing their specific technique, so give it a good name. A link to your blog or website will also be provided, so that anyone interested in learning more about you, and your work, can find you. I will also need you to provide 1 photo of a finished piece showing the technique.

Thanks for your input, this is going to be a very enter-active document, and I hope everyone will benefits from it. It has been a labor of love, sweat and a few tears.

The Friendly Plastic E-cyclopedia will be available right here for your viewing. Fire works and all, on the 4th of JULY.

If you haven't had a chance to see what Friendly Plastic is all about...check out our blog!!

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